Getting to where I am today has been and continues to be an evolution. With the birth of my first son, I suffered debilitating PTSD and ended up having to resign from my career in mining and minerals. It was through reconnecting with my femininity and creativity that I began to find peace and healing. After the birth of my second son in 2013, I started offering support and herbal products to women in my local community. In 2014, I began the search for a piece of crystal jewelry that could act as a talisman and represent my journey. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I began making pieces myself. Family and friends began requesting items for themselves, and from there everything just snowballed!

The products I make are a blend of the tools that I’ve relied on for comfort throughout the years; relishing the scent of natural aromatics from a candle, or wearing a piece of jewelry with intention. What PTSD has taught me is that the simplest pleasures will allow us to feel nurtured, present, and connected. We all long to be seen as we truly are. By looking to nature, we can honor our innate uniqueness and harness its elements to support us through life's ups and downs. My mission is to cultivate an experience where women feel deeply seen, heard and empowered, all the while walking tenderly on our mother earth.

I take a lot of inspiration from mysticism, folklore, astrology, and nature. Giving my items a story or mantra sets them apart, and allows them to serve a deeper purpose. Mother nature continually shows that there is an ebb and flow to everything; a season for seeding, for tending, for harvesting, and for release. I love weaving the wisdom of nature into my work. It acts as a powerful reminder for us to cultivate gentleness and surrender in a world that is focused on productivity and accomplishments. It cultivates reverence for nature's seasons and cycles, reminding us to slow down, appreciate, and be resourceful with what we have.

As a personal brand, I simply do my best to be true to myself. I live my life attuned with the moon, seasons, and cycles. I try to honor my own ebb and flow through my brand by sharing my journey in a real and candid way, giving voice to both its challenges and joys.

For me, sustainability means that I am mindful in my growth. It means that I make decisions that cause the least amount of harm for myself, for others, and for the environment. Connection, reverence, and integrity are the backbone of my offerings, and I strive to pay fair prices for my supplies. It's always my intention to source my supplies as close to home as possible, and from people who share similar values. For example, I focus on sourcing cut stones from women, and partner with smaller businesses over large corporations for my raw materials. Utilizing renewable plant-based soy wax and essential oils have also allowed my clients with synthetic fragrance sensitivities to enjoy scent without side effects.

My graphic designer, Paper Ocelot, created the elemental and botanical design that adorns my noissue tissue. I was thrilled to discover that sustainability is one of their brand values. I can feel good each time I order, knowing that I'm contributing to global reforestation through their eco-alliance programme. Pairing custom-designed tissue and wax seal elements from has really elevated my packaging aesthetic, whilst also giving a nod to slower times when quality and craft were the norm. I've received feedback from my long-term customers that the custom tissue has really elevated their experience when receiving a package from me. I love to present my products beautifully and providing luxury packaging has always been a passion.