"Hi, I’m Emily, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator and founder of Doodlemoo - a lifestyle brand offering Art prints, accessories, and stationery for playful souls.”

“I am British-born, but grew up in Venezuela (my parents are Venezuelan) surrounded by a colourful country, noisy people and loads of beaches. I’ve been living here in the UK for a long time now, but I still try to express my South American roots through my colourful brand.”

“We started Doodlemoo because drawing and doodling is something I and my husband have always loved doing. We first started making illustrations for our boys' bedrooms, and then began turning our doodles into digital images and illustrated prints for everyone and anyone. Creativity has always been important to me. Ever since I was little, I'd spend hours drawing and creating things. My mum always got me to make cards for family members, and when I was a bit older I designed the logo for my dad’s restaurant (proud Dad ha!). It's a great feeling to be making a business out of what I love and it's even better when people love my designs!”

“The biggest challenge for a small business like mine is how to reach people without spending a fortune on advertising. Social media and especially Instagram have been amazing for helping me get out there. It really enables us to get our message across by showing our brand and personality and to build a customer base that gives us feedback and gets genuinely excited about our products.”

“Sustainability is really important to us. We have switched our packaging for our prints from plastic sleeves to eco/compostable ones whilst continuing to ensure they are protected in transit. We are looking to work with brands that have the same ethos at their heart. We have a lot of paper-based items, so we ensure that our posters are printed on FSC-certified paper and that our postcards are printed on recycled card. We also use recyclable boxes which are also gorgeous so hopefully, people will keep them for other uses. Our latest product the Creative Planner has been printed in the UK on FSC-certified paper throughout.”

“I’ve been admiring custom-branded tissue for a while now. Lots of brands that I love have used branded tissue paper and it really feels special when you receive a package with it. So when we launched our Creative Planner through Kickstarter, we knew that we wanted that same feeling for our customers.

“I get really excited when I receive a nice, well-packaged product and I wanted to recreate that for others. I think it looks fun as well as beautiful, whilst adding to the personality of our products. I think this is so important, as the feeling people get from your products is what they remember most!”

“I was sold on the noissue Instagram feed, I absolutely love all the illustrators and designers and brands that you feature there. I had been looking to use custom tissue for a while, and was naturally drawn to noissue. I tried out a few designs on the website and found it particularly easy to experiment with the different options, such as the colour options and layout options settings.

“As I said before, the sustainability aspect was also especially important to me, and this seems something you have a lot of integrity over. noissue also has a great range of other products on offer, I just adore the custom-branded tape as well. I actually have so much fun packing items now! I really feel that noissue has brought our designs to life, and that's exactly what I wanted.”

“I use loads of illustrations in my designs and prints, so it was really easy to have fun and combine lots of elements together in a playful way. I haven't put them all together like that before, so it really was about having fun for me. My inspiration came from wanting people to feel a little happier and entertained when they receive their package.”