Launched in May 2019, Dear Love is a romantic ode to celebrating love stories. As a seasoned bridesmaid (somewhat similar to the film 27 Dresses!) it opened my eyes to a new world. The fun and creativity of the invitations, DIY decorations, and games at the bachelorette party. But what better way to unite all of your friends and family than with matching robes?  I was frustrated to find polyester robes that had been mass-produced. They didn’t give off the personal touch that such a magical day deserves. So in August 2018, I set out to start ‘Dear Love’.

I put to good use my knowledge of the fashion industry, and created a list of values to illustrate what Dear Love is passionate about:

  1. Using natural fibres.
  2. Small beginnings.
  3. Creating timeless designs.
  4. Making moves towards sustainability.

Every Dear Love piece has been made with these 4 values in mind!

Model dressed in white bridal robe

As well as the above, one of my core values is to create timeless designs. For my bridal robes, I was inspired by the elegance and beauty of a bride on her wedding day. I cut my robes in a slim silhouette to showcase the bride and her bridesmaids.

I have used natural fibres throughout my collection in similar colours across the range. For my branding, I have kept the same logo across all platforms, and really emphasised the dark teal as our signature colour. I want my customers to identify my brand with this colour, and my tone of voice as it sets myself apart from my competitors.

We are all about making small steps towards making a positive change towards the environment. I believe that if I’m to put something new into this world, I wanted to contribute in the best way possible.  Any big task is daunting, so we’re slowing and continually making small changes to get there. It's been all about research for me - there's still so much to learn about new fabrics and materials!

Dear Love custom tissue paper with thank you note

Here’s what we’re passionate about at Dear Love HQ:

Don’t sweat it in Polyester

Dear Love focuses on creating garments from natural fibres. Our go-to for our robes is a linen and viscose/rayon blend. Polyester releases microfibres when washed, which are so small that they get washed into our waterways. Unfortunately, they don’t break down like natural fibres, so reducing their use is important.

Small Beginnings

We want to help our customers to support small Australian businesses. Dear Love is a one-woman show! We produce small runs so that we don’t create unnecessary waste. This allows you, our customer, to be unique!

Have more buy Less

In a world of ever-changing fashion, it’s very easy to get caught up in buying something new and shiny. Dear Love focuses on creating timeless designs with quality construction and fabrics, so that they will carry you through the years. Our slip dress can even be dressed up with heels for a night out or sneakers during the day!

Rose-gold stationery set

Here at Dear Love HQ, we strive to be eco-friendly. We use recycled paper for our day-to-day printing, as well as the paper and tissue paper used for our customer’s orders. The shipping bag is made from biodegradable materials, and sent with a carbon neutral shipping company. Dear Love item is also packaged in a reusable cotton bag. You can take it to the beach to store your valuables in, or as a lingerie bag when travelling. The options are endless!

Pro tip: Reusable packaging elements make for a fantastic extra gift for your customer! Giving your customers some ideas of how it can be used, like Natalie has, also helps to give it some extra value. You can check out some more ideas on our blog!

Choosing noissue was a no brainer for me. It was one of the easiest business decisions I made! noissue's ethos went hand-in-hand with mine. Being able to add my logo in the colours of my branding was just what I was looking for. I didn't want to use gift boxes because they create a lot of waste, so tissue paper was the perfect solution.