We’ve always stayed true to our original vision at & FOR LOVE: authentic style, effortless cool, and discarding all the traditional bridal rules. I’d describe our brand as feminine but in a very modern way, with elements that make a bride feel confident, sexy, cool, strong, and beautiful. I pull from quite a diverse range of inspirations and references, such a street style or couture.

We have a little bit of everything in each collection; from very voluminous shapes that hang loose on the body, to gowns with deep cut-outs that are more revealing and form-fitting. I also love to mix it up and add one thing that doesn’t quite belong in the design, and it always adds an element of surprise and gives our brand a distinctive style. It’s all about balance.

Model wearing & For Love wedding dress

Our bridal muses for & FOR LOVE are women who don’t necessarily want to be a “bride” – at least not in a traditional sense. They are women who have fallen in love and want to marry their person, but don’t have goals for a big white wedding, or want to be a “princess” for the day. They want their look to be fashion forward, stylish and cool, and to feel like themselves but still be dressed up and celebrating.

I'm always looking to people for inspiration, like Kate Moss. She just has that cool factor about her and always had that laid back, boho modern vibe that I love. She never tries too hard and never cares what people think of her fashion choices - she just wears what she wants.

& For Love box and custom tissue paper

We are a made-to-order company, so we don’t make a gown unless someone is wearing one. This means we don’t end up wasting fabric. We also try and reuse mailing boxes whenever we can and all the bags we use are biodegradable.

I like to keep everything really clean and clear to stay on brand. Our colour palette is black and white, and I think it looks super high end and cool all at the same time. We chose noissue because of the eco-friendly factor and the quality of the prints. Custom packaging has definitely helped our brand to have a strong identity!