We are Matt and Petra Salvatore, and we live on the Northwest Coast of the beautiful island of Tasmania. We are both graphic designers who have a love for simplicity and functionality. Together we enjoy designing for print, as we believe that paper is still a valuable and essential part of day-to-day living.

Like most people in this day and age, we still live with our phones in our hands and laptop screens in front of us for much of the day, but we are passionate about bringing life back to print as a medium through beautiful design and simple functionality. We started Forever Press to create and deliver simple, stunning and functional wedding related stationery for couples and their guests. Our vision and hope is that through our products, couples will be able to focus more on their relationship and prepare for a strong marriage, rather than stressing over the process of planning a wedding.

We have been creating the Bridal Diary for the past two and a half years, so there’s been many different influences along the way. In particular, we were inspired by the simple and strong branding and typography from companies like Ance Studios and Kinfolk Magazine. We have spent a lot of time creating new branding for other businesses, so going ahead and deciding to create a brand and products for ourselves seemed like a natural step forward!

Consistency is super important to us and obviously for branding in general, so once we had the color scheme, type style and an overall look decided on, we knew we had to stick to it. Another huge part of creating and sustaining a strong brand is language. It took us a while to work out who our target market was, and then what kind of language we wanted to speak to them in. When we had that right, once again we stuck to it! We chose noissue because we couldn’t go past all of their beautiful work, and because their website is super simple and functional. Our custom tissue has helped us create a strong and memorable brand.