he inspiration for Gold Door Coffee Ltd. came from a career spent traveling. I was working steadily in theatre for ten years traveling the world performing in various shows, and what started as exciting, quickly turned into home-sickness. I was craving bits of familiarity while working on the other side of the world. Familiarity comes from routine, so I started to put more effort into my daily ritual of getting a coffee on my way to work.”

“Instead of pre-ordering Starbucks on my phone, rushing into the crowded shop and escaping as quickly as possible, I began searching for the best local cafes in each city I was in. I talked to the people who created these coffees, roasting them right in front of me, I tasted different brews and quickly started to find comfort in my cup every morning. I made it an experience.”

“After returning home to Calgary, AB for a contract, I knew it was the right time to start my eCommerce business, and I knew I wanted to find a way to make those local roasts available nationally. Really bringing the farmers market to your front door. Over a year later, and here we are, the only zero-waste subscription in Canada. Every element of our packaging, from bags to labels, to packing peanuts, are certified compostable.”

“Coffee is a global market. It literally reaches every part of the world and connects so many communities. When I realized the scale of the industry, I immediately recognized this huge global opportunity for sustainability improvement. Targeting large scale markets with sustainable options can have massive impacts on our global eco-impact.”

“Therefore, creating a sustainable product for Gold Door Coffee Ltd. was never an “option”, it was priority number one from the start. To be honest, I never considered doing it any other way. There are so many single-use plastics created for the coffee industry; cups, lids, straws, sleeves, etc - there is a LOT of waste in the coffee world, and I knew if I were to enter this industry I needed to do it differently, and be at the forefront of integrating those eco-initiatives into a subscription model.”

“Step one to eliminating that waste actually falls on the consumer to brew at home; bye-bye single-use everything (this will also save you significant dollars, rather than buying that specialty latte every morning). Step two was eliminating the waste that usually comes with subscription business model territory. i.e. boxes, labels, tapes, stickers, packing fillers.

“This took a year of research and sourcing to find the supplies we’re happy with, and it will only keep improving and changing as more and more packaging options become available. Once I had a grasp on these two steps we hit the ground running because simply put - it’s 2020, we no longer have the time to sleep on sustainable consumerism.”

“I was initially looking at cardboard boxes, like most other subscription-based companies - of which there are plenty of suppliers who create customized this and that, but I quickly realized that contributing to recycling is equally the problem. It is not a sustainable option, it’s expensive, and it’s poorly executed. I knew from then on we had to go fully plant-based.”

“The technology and the supplies are out there, and as this familiarity with plant-based diets becoming more popular, I knew the demand was there as well. More than ever before, consumers are actively looking for eco-friendly options; paying far more attention to the larger impact of their own dollar, in both environmental and social consciousness.”

“When I put those requirements together, ‘noissue’ immediately presented itself as a brand that I felt embodied not only the importance of plant-based products but also nailed the execution of aesthetics and marketing. We are pursuing the same awareness, and that’s what brought us together.”

“Source locally, and avoid monopoly companies! Lessoning your geographical footprint directly lessens your environmental one. So, whether it’s your packaging supplies or your raw materials, I promise there are more solutions right there in your home city than you think. Take the time, do some homework, and find what works with your brand.”

“Eco-friendly = expensive is a misconception, let it go. I was able to find solutions within my budget or adjust accordingly for every element of our packaging. If zero-waste is truly part of your company mandate, you won’t settle for less. Be unique! Plant-based solutions offer new and exciting ways of standing out amongst your competition. Capitalize on those unique opportunities to create a more individual experience for your consumer. Like the seed paper we use for our insert cards; It’s a touch of fun, and something only an eco-friendly company would offer!”

“There are so many amazing roasters in Canada, and I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in many major cities across the country, and try so many of them. But admittedly my heart lies with the Temperance Roast from 'Dineen Coffee Company' in Toronto. They’ve nailed down the bean that works for everyone. Light-bodied, but not bitter. Pairs amazingly with steamed anything. Brews easily for novice coffee heads. It’s a perfect at-home comfort bean, and I hope to feature them in our subscription soon.”

“I work with some amazingly knowledgeable coffee connoisseurs and learn something new with every tasting. Something funny I wasn’t aware of when starting out, was that Finland and Canada lead the world in per capita coffee consumption; ironically, I am a dual citizen of Finland and Canada!”