My business started with a passion for something different; to wear clothes outside the norm that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. I basically dressed myself happy, and started to notice the effect that my clothing had on those around me. I decided to share my passion, and that started my business. I love spreading joy, and seeing our dresses all over the world (thanks to social media!) has been pretty incredible.

Art is a huge passion for me, and something I have always enjoyed doing in my own spare time. I know that we can’t do it all as business owners, so I collaborate with Australian artists for my textile designs. Basically, I love working with any artist who loves colour & mixing patterns as much as I do! Together, we work on a design and make that art come to life in the form of ‘wearable art.’

I think we are definitely a brand that stands out from the crowd. We have a 58% repeat customer rate, and that’s on the rise! My customers understand that we are a small business, and they enjoy seeing behind the scenes. It’s a reminder that I am a human being, and that I can only do so much. I have a background in marketing, and because I absolutely love what I do my marketing is easy! I manage my social media accounts and do all the photos, as it’s a big part of what I love about my biz. I’m easily recognised on Instagram for my crazy colourful dresses, against some pretty amazing street art that I spend hours searching for. Art meets fashion meets art!

It’s important to stay true to yourself and your beliefs, no matter how much you grow and how much you change as a business. It’s the ethics that started your business that are the most important. We have grown so much in the last year that it’s been quite a challenge to keep up from a sustainability standpoint! But we are still making every single garment here in Australia, the same as when we started out, with zero plans to ever change that. Our garments are purposely made with 100% cotton for both sustainable and environmental reasons. Our hope is when you buy a dress from a small business, you buy it to last, and we are NOT fast fashion. Did you know cotton is compostable? Another great reason why we love cotton!

I picked noissue tissue for a couple of reasons. First, because in every decision we make, we choose another small business to support. Since our company is 100% Aussie-made, we love to support other business like ourselves that we know will appreciate it. Second, we love soy-based ink! We are incredibly conscious of sustainability and try to make choices to reduce our environmental impact. I love that noissue has made its tissue paper with as little environmental impact as possible. The quality is so great that we continuously remind our customers to reuse it in some way!