Aloha! My name is Kim Sielbeck. I'm an illustrator and designer living in Honolulu, Hawaii. I spend my days working on both client projects and personal projects. For client jobs, I've done everything from local band posters to book illustrations to international poster campaigns.

My personal projects include my paintings, ceramics, and prints, which I sell all over the world through my website. For me it’s a really good balance – my painting keeps me creative, and always thinking about what's next. The paintings act as my portfolio, and I also attract new jobs that way! My main goal with what I do is to focus on work that celebrates friendship, diversity, humor, love, fun, and positivity. If I can make someone smile or laugh, I've done my job.

Living in Hawaii definitely has a huge influence on my work; being surrounded by the culture, natural landscape, plants, and the beautiful colors are a big source of inspiration. I also worked as a textile designer in NYC for almost eight years before moving and going full-time with my creative business. As a result of that, pattern and composition also play huge role in my designs. I think that this gives me a strong branding image, as people recognize my style and color sensibility which is consistent throughout.

As a pattern designer, what noissue does really just clicked for me. I love the idea of having custom tissue paper going out with each order. It makes everything look great and is also functional by protecting my prints and ceramics from any damage. Most of all, it makes the online shopping experience so much more special and unique!