Laundry Day is a line of design-forward smokeware founded with a mission to change the visual narrative behind cannabis use. After seeking out personal smoking pieces for years, founder Victoria Ashley, who uses cannabis as a natural sleep aid, came face to face with a notable gap in the industry. While acceptance of cannabis use, for medical, self-care, and recreational use was on the rise, the products, packaging, and design continued to lack the creativity demanded by other markets.

Laundry Day is on a mission to provide more approachable, design-forward products that dispel stigmas, redefine outdated expectations, cater to modern voices, and to elevate and expand the industry’s status quo home decor. The mantra that I live by is "You never know unless you try." In my experience, if you really work hard towards goals, success will find you and others will be inspired by your drive.

Laundry Day products are a modern take on 1970s design inspiration, offering sleek, sophisticated and simultaneously playful smoking alternatives for a diverse range of consumers. Crafted to double as home decor items, these pieces can both stand on their own and serve as streamlined vessels — offering a sharp counterpoint to existing options.

All of our branding is created with this design forward intention and playfulness in mind. As I mentioned, the reason I started the Laundry Day brand initially was because I felt there were no products in this category that represented my aesthetic and identity. I always keep that in mind as I am designing, and I find myself asking "If I were receiving this item, how would I feel?" This applies to the moment the package arrives at their door, to taking the product out of its box, to 5 months down the road when our piece has become integrated into daily life.

noissue offers a seamless and easy to use experience with great prices, low minimums, and a great quality product. Custom packaging is so important to create an experience beyond your product; every customer that opens a package is greeted with personality, and personality goes a long way to showing your brand's identity.