PCB Home started on a whim back in 2012 right after marrying the man of my dreams and moving into our first little apartment together. It was there, in that tiny blank slate of a space, that I fell in love with handmade home décor. After much encouragement from my sweet husband, I decided to open a shop and the response was more than I could have ever hoped for.

Our products go deeper than pretty things to decorate your home with. It is our hope that our customers snuggle up with those that matter most to them while being inspired by the quotes and sayings on our cozy items. Our items are meant to bring a little extra beauty into our customers lives, and a whole lot of meaning into gifts for their loved ones. Here at PCB Home, we strive to celebrate love daily and our hope is that with our products our customers can do just that.

We do a lot of personalized and custom work on a daily basis. We have the capability to put just about anything our customers dream up onto a product and it is so fun to design something from scratch just for them. I love bringing their visions to life and knowing oftentimes it will be treasured as a keepsake gift to someone who matters a whole lot to them.

I believe branding is extremely important in order to deliver a full and beautiful experience. For us, winning a customer's business begins with the first look on our website or social media channels and ends with the package on their doorstep. From start to finish and every step in between we put our best efforts forward to wow our customers.

A majority of our sales are orders placed online. We love to use custom tissue with our logo on it to wrap up each and every product that goes out our door to leave our customers feeling like they are receiving a beautifully packaged present on their doorstep. We love using custom tissue to help deliver the best experience for our customers!