Snowpuppe started from the desire to create a small-scale creative company that would bring joy to ourselves and to other people. We discovered that we had a passion for paper and for folding techniques. We believe that it is important to do something in life that you are passionate about and that could inspire other people.

There are lots of things that we get inspiration from. What we try to do with our designs is to create an object that can be made from a flat sheet of material. For the proportions, we like to look at nature and mathematics and use only the very basic proportions that can also be found in nature. This is possibly one of the reasons for our success, as people tend to be naturally attracted to these kinds of proportions. For our design process, we rely on intuition and serendipity. This is always the starting point of something new, and only after that comes rational thinking to work out the details.

Snowpuppe's paper lanterns in production

So far we have been working mainly with paper in happy colors. We have been very fortunate to have a loyal customer base, who take very beautiful photos of our products and who come with suggestions for new products every now and then. We only introduce a new product if it is a match with the rest of the collection, and if we think it has something new to offer that is not yet available. We try not to hold on to fixed ideas, but prefer to keep an open mind that is always open for new possibilities and insights.

Sustainability and consumption seem to contradict one another. The most sustainable attitude would be to put nature first, and not our consumption or the growth of our economy. This implies that the best product to sell in terms of sustainability would be no product at all. But everybody has to make a living in this world, and we currently do that by selling products that do the least harm to nature.

Snowpuppe custom tissue paper wrapped around book

Most people know about the harmful effects of plastics, and that is why we prefer to work with materials like paper and wood, because these materials don't cause the kind of pollution that plastics do. We are a small creative company, and we would like to stay small because. That way we can keep our paper consumption low and keep the balance between being creative and making money. Apart from selling a product, we hope that people will be inspired by what we do.

We recently launched our first book called 'Better living through origami'. In the book are 20 creative paper projects that are based on how we create paper objects. For the customers who order the book directly from us, we decided to do something extra with it. Adding the custom packaging of noissue helps us make it into an extra valuable purchase! It looks very nice and on-brand, and the noissue shows a lot of creativity, which is very important to us.