We are half British, half Sicilian sisters (hence the name Soru, which means sisters in the Sicilian dialect!) who launched Soru Jewellery five years ago. We were initially working from home, and growing the business slowly through free marketing tools such as Instagram. We saw a great opportunity in creating Soru; it was something we had always wanted to do. When we were both at home looking after small children, we decided to give our dream a go before we went back to full-time work. We have never looked back! This is now our full-time job, meaning we can be there for our children as well as working on our dream: designing beautiful jewellery. I truly believe that working hard and believing in yourself leads to those dreams becoming a reality.

We grew up near Birmingham in the UK, with an English mother and a Sicilian father. Each summer we would go to stay with our nonna (nan) in Palermo, which is the bustling capital city of Sicily. Our father's family was very large; we have 11 uncles and aunties! The stark contrast between our life in Birmingham and our holidays in Sicily left a great impression on us. We particularly remember the women we were surrounded by; strong, passionate, and always draped in lots of bijoux jewellery. We take our inspiration from those women, those memories and our love for the passion of Sicily itself.

After five years of trading, we finally gave up on our free font logo and rebranded the business! It really pulls the brand together and creates further trust with the customer, as well as a more professional image. Creating a new logo for our brand has been fantastic, and this now sits proudly on our website, social media platforms and our packaging. Working in this industry has definitely shown us just how much waste there can be on the packaging front! We try to reduce this wherever possible, and commit to using recyclable packaging materials. We also give the option to our customers to send back their gift boxes if they wish to recycle them.

We were looking for a quality tissue paper, and found that noissue's ease of ordering and their impressive collection of designs fitted perfectly for us. Adding those little extra touches to our customer orders makes all the difference to the overall experience. The quality of the paper is beautiful, and the quick delivery is just what we need for our fast-paced business!