"I am a Mom who has been working with children for the past 10 years. I saw first-hand what they connect to and how their minds work and learn. I had an idea of creating clothing with positive messages to help them understand messages of being a loving, kind, caring person who sees the value in giving back. I know kids enjoy expressing themselves through clothing but I wanted something more so I added a children’s storybook that comes free with each order.”

“Our books are interactive between the reader and child, creating a moment of teaching and connection. It’s important to me that we teach our future generation these principles while they are young. I am hoping with my own daughter that by internalizing these messages, it creates a stronger foundation for her as she gets older and goes through life.”

“A huge part of what we do with our company is giving back to orphans in Vietnam (I have past experiences there that deeply impacted me as a person and fell in love with the children there). We also give back to a non-profit called Safe Families that helps homeless mothers and children in the Orange County California area. We are an honest brand doing honest good in the community and world.”

“The biggest struggle for us has been finding a manufacturer that was honest and that we could trust. We went through 4 manufacturers before we finally found the right one. Unfortunately we got ripped off one time, and were lied to constantly by others. The one we have now is so amazing and checked all of the boxes.”

Sustainability is important to us because we are a brand that is all about empowering our future generation. Our environment is important to ensuring that we all have a better future. The steps we have taken to help this are only using GOTS certified organic cotton in all of our products. We also use non-toxic products for our printing and dyeing. This creates no harmful run-off to the environment and protects the people handling our products.”

“We needed branded packaging to create a feel-good feeling when you open our package. We are a feel-good brand, and wanted to convey that to our customers. Branded packaging has helped us become a better-defined brand - our designs reflect our products. We created a fun, silly, kid-like design that still conveyed a few of our favorite messages on it!”

“We chose noissue because you were eco-friendly, had amazing color options, and saw inspirational designs that other people had created. With your competitive prices it was a no brainer for us!”