"My background is in Business and Interior Design. After finishing school I worked for a small firm for a couple of years before going out on my own. I started to build my Interior Design business around the time I got married and had 2 little kids. I found juggling clients and being a mom really difficult, so I was on the hunt for something I could do from home a little easier.”

“A friend gifted me a Swedish Sponge Cloth and not only did I fall in love, I saw an opportunity. These sponges were plant-based, compostable, reusable and not many people in North America knew about them! I started Ten & Co. in 2013, and our adventure began. We have evolved into a premium, eco-conscious home goods business and continue to grow our product line every day. It has become my mission to create beautiful products that you want in your home, regardless of sustainability.”

“The added bonus is that we are diligent in working with the best manufacturers and hold them to our same standard of ethical and sustainable practices. I don’t want customers to have to choose between a product they love and a product that is sustainable - I want the product to be both!"

“It’s also important to me that people see that being a woman, a mom and a wife doesn’t mean I can’t build a successful business. I work hard to be transparent and honest on Instagram, and talk openly about the struggles we face and how to overcome them! I want to inspire other women to follow their fire and do something that no only makes them happy, but makes a difference.”

“We are a small company, so we have to work hard to learn how to do all the things! Being a business owner means you are expected to wear many hats. On any given day I could be running cost analyses, photographing products for social media and our look books, designing new products and patterns, talking with suppliers, writing collaboration proposals and more, all between the time of kid pick up and drop off!”

“It’s a lot and the learning curve is steep. I’ve gotten much better at identifying my weaknesses and asking for help when I don’t know the answer. I read a TON of business books and listen to all the podcasts. I have become hungry for knowledge and that has been a huge game-changer.”

“Sustainability has become increasingly more important to us since we began in 2013. With more information available now than ever on the impact of the things we buy and manufacture, there is no choice but to change. We recognize the need to reduce how much we leave behind, therefore creating products that are compostable, recyclable and leave behind a minimal impact is the priority.”

“We LOVE using noissue packaging because they completely disappear within months of use leaving behind no harmful residues. Our customers really appreciate that not only the product was well thought out, but the packaging as well.”

“Our products are thoughtfully designed and manufactured, and we needed packaging that would coincide with our values. We use high quality, natural materials and found many beautiful, premium packing options available, but none of them were sustainable. In fact - many of them would undo much of the hard work we put into creating a sustainable product. Custom packaging is something allows us to convey the quality and edgy design customers have come to expect of our product.”

“noissue has been a game-changer for us. Not only do our customers reach out via social media to rave about our products, but they are also beyond thrilled that the shipping materials can be composted as well! noissue has a great, modern eye for aesthetics that coincides with our branding. They are a premium option, much like ourselves, and they deliver a quality product that our customers have come to expect. Joining forces with noissue has increased customer buzz and day to day interactions with our brand, we feel grateful to be able to spread the word with every package!”