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Shipping products can be risky in general, but if you’re dealing with fragile products, the job becomes even riskier. If something gets damaged in shipping, you will not only incur a monetary loss, but your brand reputation will also suffer. In fact, 34% of packaging returns are due to product damage during shipping. Yikes!

Fragile and delicate items include anything that easily breaks – from glassware to antiques. You need to find something that looks aesthetically pleasing while protecting your product when it comes to small items like jewelry and accessories or small ceramic pieces.

Mailer envelopes and shipping boxes made of sustainable packaging material are perfect for this. They protect the item while minimizing your carbon footprint! Here's what you need to know about shipping fragile items and using eco-friendly shipping supplies.

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Why Businesses Need to Focus on Their Shipping

Here are some of the reasons how damaged and fragile items affect your business profits:

Returns: If a customer receives a damaged item, the company will have to pay for the re-shipment of an undamaged item back to the customer. If your shipment policy provides free returns, you will have to pay extra, but if you ask your customer for the shipping cost, it will be even more frustrating.

Bad Reviews: Customer reviews have become increasingly important in this eCommerce era. They can make or break a business! When a customer writes a bad review of your brand, your reputation will suffer as potential customers will stay away from your brand.

Tips for Shipping Fragile Items

Here are some tips and tricks that help to prevent breakage and ship the items in a hassle-free and convenient manner.

Use an Appropriate-Sized Box

Choosing the right-sized box is very crucial to the safety of your product. You must ensure the box can carry the product's weight and fit a cushioning material. For extra delicate things, you may also want to double-box your items to prevent any damage. Custom kraft mailer boxes can be used for items for small, fragile items.

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Using Padding

Choosing the right box is not enough to keep your items safe. You must use cushioning materials like biodegradable packing peanuts and tissue wrapping paper to ensure that your product is safe inside your custom craft box. Make sure to add multiple layers of wrapping to protect your fragile products.

Restrict the Movement of Your Products

Restrict your product’s movement to ensure the delicate item does not break during transit. This step is crucial if your product is being shipped to a distant place. For example, you can use two inches of crumpled kraft paper or newspaper between the fragile item and the wall of your packaging box.

Pack Fragile Items Individually

One great tip is to pack fragile items separately in different boxes or mailer envelopes (in case of small items). This will prevent items from colliding with each other. Wrapping each item individually protects it against collisions and secures the item from damage.

You can use recycled, corrugated inserts or recyclable tissue paper while sending a box with multiple fragile items. Make your packaging even more sustainable by using compostable bags and kraft hang tags to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

Use a Fragile Shipping Label

Ensure that your packaging is labeled as fragile. This way, the courier company will take extra care while handling your item. Instructions differ from courier to courier company but putting a fragile sticker on your compostable bag or mailer envelope always helps. Go a step further and use an eco packing tape or recycled hang tag to indicate that the item is fragile.

noissue Recyclable Custom Fragile Stickers, Recyclable Shipping Labels, Recyclable Custom Packing Tape, and Recyclable Kraft Mailer Boxes by @kinsfolkshop

Using Shipping Insurance

Using shipping insurance gives you great peace of mind about the safety of your item. Selecting shipping insurance depends on what item you’re shipping and the distance it’s being shipped for. If you’re shipping domestically, you may not need insurance every time, but if you’re making international shipments, you should try and get full coverage.

🎁 Wrapping It Up

So there you have it! It's in your brand's best interest to make sure your small, delicate items are properly packaged. And an impressive unboxing experience is made even better when your beautiful packaging is eco-friendly, to boot!

At noissue, we aim to bring your brand to life with fully customized, sustainable packaging that delivers a unique unboxing experience. We’re sustainable by design, so customers can enjoy your beautifully branded packaging made from better materials.

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