Third Boi was created by me, Bianca Latorre, a Melbourne mum looking to re-discover my style after two kids. I wanted to leave the house looking stylish and curated, but comfy and not overdone! I wasn’t into activewear, and the rest of the casual wear that I was into was at the high-end of the market. So, I wanted to marry my style with a more realistic price point. I started work on my own label and it quickly took a life of its own.  Since I already had the two boys, this latest creation of mine adopted the name Third Boi, taking up the same amount of love and devotion as a third child!

My vision is to see my comfortable, generous and well-fitting basics satisfying the sartorial needs of busy mums at school pick-up, the stylish weekend crowds as they do their morning coffee run, and everything in between.  It’s a simple dream!

Model wearing Third Boi sweater and leggings

I’ve always had a simple design aesthetic.  Inspiration is usually triggered when I see colour being used beautifully…… my ranges are formed around a colour palette, so a good combination can really be the start of a new idea for me!

Our look has a clean line with a focus on minimal colour, subtle branding, and quality fabrics and finishes. We try to translate that into all aspects of our brand, from our product to our labelling, packaging, website and social channels.  There has to be a synergy, but it comes naturally if you can learn to block out the noise and follow your instincts!

Third Boi custom tissue paper

I chose noissue custom tissue paper because it’s beautifully printed with a lovely matte finish, and it’s also good for our environment.  That’s a happy match in my book! Plus, I was hooked after my first order when saw just how easy the process was. Sustainability should be a big picture focus as well as a daily one.  It can be as simple as re-using shipping cartons or considering the way we dispose of waste. The challenge we all face is being able to realistically implement sustainable practices into every aspect of a business……  But every effort counts!