Hey! My name is Sarina. I started Violent Tinsel very recently, but the idea to start and run my own business began many, many years ago! I started my career in your typical corporate role, but I knew right from the get-go that it just wasn’t for me. After a change in location (I moved to Singapore from Australia) and a change in career (from Accounting to Fashion) I finally found something that I could really sink my teeth into.

After many years working in Fashion, Marketing, Events and Tech, I became obsessed with bringing my love of fashion and business together! So, Violent Tinsel was born. I had recently moved back to Australia, and I was looking to finally accomplish my goal of starting a business. I thought, what’s better than super fun, feminine accessories… nothing right? Even back in my corporate career, I found so much joy (thanks Marie Kondo!) in the way I dressed and accessorized.

Model wearing tinted pink sunglasses

My inspiration is FUN. I’ve specifically curated a range of accessories that create those gut feelings of anticipation and joy. Getting older, life becomes about responsibilities – finishing uni, getting a job, buying a house, the list goes on. When this happens, we start to think that we need to ‘dress down’ to be a real-life 100% adult. Not true! I’m over all the simple, minimal and basic. Bring me colour, size, shapes and textures!

Brand identity is something that needs to be tested, tweaked, re-tested and changed again and again until you find that comfortable sweet spot. It is so important to have a brand that is not only different and stands out from the competition, but that also resonates with your customer. My brand identity has taken me a little while to flesh out, but I’m so happy now with how it looks and feels. It is a true representation of the fun and feminine vibes I want my customers to feel.

To build my cohesive brand identity for Violent Tinsel, I’ve had to ask myself four questions for EVERYTHING I do, say, design and create.

Does this reflect the values of my brand?

Does this make me smile?

Am I happy to share this with people?

Does it fit with everything else I have developed to date?

Model wearing pink heart-shaped earrings

If the answer to any of those questions is no, I start again. This might mean things take a little longer, but having a brand that is on point and succinct is critical to making people notice me!

Finding sustainable providers for my delivery process was so important to me. As a person, I do everything I can to reduce my impact on the planet. Being very mindful of the choices I make is a big part of my every day. It was really important that I bring that mindset into Violent Tinsel. I wanted to eliminate all single-use plastic from my shipping and delivery process, which was easier said than done!

Model wearing cats-eye sunglasses

One thing I have noticed since I started this process many months ago is that there are so many more great options now popping up to cater to this, because people really want them. It took quite a lot of research and a bit of trial and error, but in the end, I’m really happy that I’ve been able to choose options that align with my personal values.

noissue has been great from the start!! My intention was always to use noissue if I needed to develop custom tissue paper. I love, love the brand, what they stand for, and how easy they make the entire process. Plus the customer service has been exceptional. The quality of my paper is amazing and I absolutely adore how it turned out!