Every year, over 10 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean. This is expected to triple to almost 30 million tons a year by 2040!

Most of this plastic pollution consists of single-use plastics, meaning plastic waste that is thrown away after only one use. Plastic straws are one of the most common single-use plastics, but biodegradable sugarcane straws are recently becoming more popular.

Americans throw away an unbelievable 500 million plastic straws every single day. Unlike plastic bags, plastic straws made from virgin materials cannot be recycled or reused. So, every straw that is discarded ends up either in a landfill or the ocean.

Since they don’t break down naturally like sugarcane drinking straws, plastic straws take several years to decompose in landfills. While plastic straws are not the only contributor to landfills, they are a key focus in the sustainability movement, especially since so many great alternatives are available, such as compostable, biodegradable sugarcane straws.

What Are Sugarcane Straws?

While there are other sustainable options, such as metal or glass straws, sugarcane drinking straws are one of the best alternatives to single-use plastic straws!

Sugarcane straws are made from plants, such as hay or bamboo. Although the production of sugarcane straws requires the use of plants, sugarcane is deemed a renewable material because of the way it is produced. Sugarcane is made using the leftover fibrous plant matter produced during its processing (known as sugarcane bagasse).

In other words, sugarcane leftovers can be used to make more sugarcane! Every ton of sugarcane that is used to produce sugar and ethanol can generate around 250 kilograms of sugarcane bagasse, which can be used to produce 200 kilograms of straw. Producing of biodegradable sugarcane straws doesn’t require new materials and doesn’t produce any waste.

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Why Are Sugarcane Straws a Better Option Than Single-Use Plastic Straws?

There are many reasons why biodegradable sugarcane straws are better than plastic straws. They are more environmentally friendly than other non-plastic alternatives, such as glass or metal straws, and sugarcane straws can last for a while when placed in a drink.

Here are six reasons you should consider switching to sugarcane drinking straws over single-use plastic straws.

1. They’re Renewable

Sugarcane is more sustainable than plastic because it doesn’t require new materials to be manufactured.

The sugarcane plant can be grown, harvested, and processed within one year, providing an ongoing source of material. The by-product of sugarcane harvesting produces biomass that can be used to create biodegradable sugarcane straws, so it’s a zero-waste process.

Conversely, plastic straws require a constant stream of raw materials to produce and are not renewable.

2. They’re Compostable

You might wonder, ‘can you eat sugarcane straws?’. While the answer to this question is no, they are compostable instead. Sugarcane fibers are organic waste materials that can naturally decompose.

Unlike plastic straws, sugarcane straws don’t sit there for years after they are thrown away. You can throw sugarcane straws in your compost heap at home and let nature do its thing.

3. They Don’t Go Soggy in Drinks

Many people wonder, ‘how long do sugarcane straws last when placed in a drink?’. The answer is a long time!

Sugarcane straws can last for several hours in a variety of different drinks, including warm and cold beverages. This is ideal if you want to relax and sip on an iced coffee on a hot summer’s day, or if you run a cafe or restaurant where your customers will want to refill their drinks. But remember, you cannot eat sugarcane straws. They are compostable, not digestible!

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4. They Are Taste Free

People often complain that paper, metal, and glass straws have an unusual taste and can affect the flavor of a drink. Many think sugarcane straws will sweeten a drink because of their name.

However, biodegradable sugarcane straws are taste-free! They won’t influence the taste of any drink, hot or cold. If you run a restaurant, they will keep your customers happy and satisfied with their beverages.

5. They Don’t Contain Bleach or Dyes

Plastic straws and paper straws are usually bleached or dyed to produce a variety of bright and exciting colors. Sugarcane straws retain their natural color and do not contain any bleach or dyes.

6. They Don’t Contain Harmful Plastics

Plastic straws are often made using polypropylene, which may contain harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA) and other microplastics that affect humans and the environment.

Sugarcane drinking straws are made using polylactic acid (PLA), which can be produced using tapioca starch. As a result, sugarcane straws are 100% plant-based and 100% biodegradable.

🎁 Wrapping It Up

Make the more sustainable switch by using sugarcane straws! Customers of your eatery or cafe will appreciate the eco-friendly alternative that doesn't compromise quality.

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