Want to wow recipients with self-care specialties this season? Be sure to stop by our Wellness gift guide, too!

Goodbye 2021, you have definitely kept us on our toes! After yet another year of feeling slightly overwhelmed at all times, surely the holidays are the perfect excuse to switch off, unwind and treat yo’self and your loved ones!

The gift of luxury and relaxation is a sure way to spread some well-needed holiday cheer. But buying presents can be hard work, especially with a bottomless abyss of options on the market. Trying to find a gift for a beauty or skincare obsessive that they will actually use can be a head wrecker.

But that’s where we come in! Here at noissue, we are giving you the gift of our skincare and beauty gift guide – a selection of treats for every recipient, budget and taste. From sustainable beauty must-haves to luxury body treatments from our favorite small businesses, you’ll find a present here for everyone.

So, check them out and pamper away. Warning: You’ll want to keep most of these for yourself!

Lineage House

Give someone a little self-care with the buzziest new beauty products in town from sustainable hair care and beauty products salon, Lineage House. It’s time to force your mates to ditch their supermarket-bought shampoos and treat them to something they will actually look forward to using every day.

We have our excited eyes on the Plumping Shampoo & Conditioner! Not only would that super-stylish container look right at home in our bathroom, but the wash itself is filled with thickening magic formula to turn your locks into bountiful beauties. Plus Lineage House offers a refill program for said containers to encourage sustainable reuse. Now that’s one easy way to turn your shower into a full-on at-home salon experience!


Gentleman Farmer

Guys are notoriously impossible to buy gifts for, aren’t they? We say the best bet for the male-identifying people in your life is to gift them with a luxe version of something they already use. From shampoo to body wash, moisturizer to beard oil, luxury items are even more gorgeous when they are clean and green! Men’s grooming company Gentleman Farmer offer hair and skincare products that are made with non-toxic, responsibly sourced ingredients. Ideal for the modern man who wants to look good and do good.

Every dude could use a little pick-me-up in the grooming department and the Hair & Body Wash Classic is the perfect place to start. A true multitasker for hair and body, with sulfate-free ingredients it will clean you up beautifully without drying out your skin. We love the smell, the feel and the satisfying silver container, and we’re pretty sure the men in your life will too. Much better than yet another pair of socks, right?!



The lovingly made soap and hair care products from Shira.Body instantly turns a long soak into a five-star getaway. Based in Texas, USA, mother of three Shira creates her natural soap, shampoo, and conditioner bars by hand – at home and with a whole lot of love.

And wow, her products are drop-dead GORGEOUS. Check out The Secret Garden Soap bar that is scented with mood-lifting lavender and bergamot essential oils. This enchanting soap looks good enough to eat (although please don't!) and it’s sure to thrill no matter if it’s used to zen out in the tub or display as a piece of art! Just make sure you add an extra soap to your shopping basket, as we know you’re going to want to keep one for yourself!


Louve Naturals

Looking for sustainable, and all-natural self-care products that won’t hurt your wallet? Louve Naturals have you covered. With a passion for making eco-conscious beauty products that are affordable for all budgets, owner Saranda presents options that make a difference to the planet, and to our own self-love and awareness.

What better gift for busy bees who often have no time to stop and think (or shower) than the gift of clean, gorgeous-looking hair? Louve Naturals Dry Shampoos come in both light and dark tones, with rich, decadent scents that linger each time you whip your mane. Plus, once empty, those rusticly pretty containers can go straight into the compost. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


Wild Beauty Cosmetics

We love makeup, but we also love our faces, and we’d rather not be putting any chemical nasties on our skin thank you very much! That’s where Wild Beauty Cosmetics offer absolutely stunning cosmetic products free of any yucky ingredients that are sure to make us look and feel good! It’s a win-win!

One product that stands out from the rest is the Sugar Baby Lip Pout Prep. This 3-in-one lip scrub is designed to cleanse, exfoliate and condition, and man does it leave lips feeling soft and smooth. The scrub helps better absorb your favorite tinted lip balm and is gentle enough to use daily, weekly or whenever the mood strikes. Making your lips look and feel plump, voluptuous and simply fabulous – why would you ever want to feel any other way?


Emma Lewisham

Say hello to true luxury. No matter who you’re buying gifts for, or what their skin type may be, a glowing complexion is just one Emma Lewisham product away. The New Zealand brand prides itself on an all-natural, cruelty-free, circular business model that truly sees skincare as self-care.

Get your loved ones ready for a good old pamper sesh by gifting them the award-winning Skin Reset Serum. A cult favorite for evening skin tone and scientifically proven to leave it looking unrecognizably brighter, the serum also creates a soothing aroma that will make anyone forget their responsibilities for a moment. Truly zen, truly radiant!


Silk Space Clinic

Sure, skincare is a basic necessity for many, but it makes an awesome gift! Especially when you buy your favorite skincare junkie something super luxe that they would never buy for themselves. Offering products that are both practical and lavish, New Zealand based Silk Space Clinic promotes eco-conscious products wrapped in sustainable packaging from noissue.

Their skincare services go way beyond skin deep, and they recommend game-changing products guaranteed to thrill even the pickiest of beauty lovers. How about treating your buddies to a bespoke treatment, or check out the awesome range of high quality skincare products to have a spa day at home!


Pretty Kind London

Super stylish beauty brand Pretty Kind London, make organic, eco-friendly skincare and pigments. They aim to show the world that whatever beauty product you’re into, you can find something guilt-free and ethical to love. Plus, with a focus on sustainability and super-sexy products, you’ll want to stock up on all PKL’s items.

But here’s a special something for someone at the top of Santa’s nice list. For eco-babes who love a bit of eco-shimmer, the Bio Glitter Glam Sets use biodegradable glitter in returnable and reusable containers which can be used as an eye-mazing glittery eye-liner. Plus as they come in every shade in the rainbow, you can buy a unique color for each and every friend in your life. Eco-friendly never looked so glamorous!


🎁 That’s A Wrap!

Gift ‘em, keep ‘em – either way, just get ‘em!

The finishing touch for your gorgeously thoughtful gifts is to make sure your wrapping game is on-point. And we are here to help you out with that too! From customized tissue paper to eco-friendly stickers or stamps, noissue has the goods to wrap yours.

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