Style is an expression of one's identity and individuality. Every designer leaves pieces of themselves and what they stand for in each piece they create. For San Bernardino-based artist and designer Brenda Angel, it's her mission to affirm and empower people to create a positive impact on society through her brand B A Soul.

"As a creative individual who specializes in simple yet bold designs, I have made it my mission to create, inspire, and grow with my work."

Launched in 2019, her fashion label features apparel with hand-painted patches displaying affirmations meant to influence others to be their authentic selves, but more importantly to "create change, inspire change, and grow in change."

Brenda hopes to send this message the moment her customers receive their purchases from her. As a business, she wants to make an impact by reducing, reusing, and recycling. It's important for her to find ways to be eco-friendly so she incorporated items in her packaging that allowed her to do so like her recyclable tissue, mailers, and her noissue stamp. Not only does it help reduce her environmental footprint, but the stamp adds a lovely and classic look to their tissues, envelopes, and tags.

B A Soul celebrates each and everyone's individuality and aims to be the brand that "[makes] items that can be your own." They want the messages of each piece to speak to their customers like the T-shirts from their Re-Collection. This collection contains words that are meant to be revisited for anyone who wants to "take a step back and re-focus."

It's amazing to see how passionate Brenda is with her business as it lets her express her creativity in different ways while sharing it with others. She admitted that it came with plenty of challenges, but she believes it's the right career for her. She advises the same to other aspiring small business-owners: own your creativity and just go for it.

"It takes that passion to create something out of nothing. I say you go out there do your research, ask for help, and make it a reality."

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Instagram: @basoulcreates

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