Paris, the city of love, is known for its breathtaking architecture that spans the entirety of the city, its collection of timeless pieces from infamous artists of the past, the Eiffel Tower, and then as the world fashion capital—and from it was born an accessory brand that encapsulates passion, sensuality, and femininity.

Meet Betty, a French hosiery house created by two long-time friends, Charlene and Joanna. Each of their pieces was meticulously designed in their Paris studio and brought to life by their family-owned production partners from the north of Italy, resulting in one-of-a-kind creations that can last a lifetime in both making and design.

Just as their hosiery pieces are made from recycled fabrics, Betty has also opted to use sustainable alternatives to packaging as part of their order packing and delivery process and partnered with noissue to create a packaging suite perfectly suited to their brand personality. Read on to learn more!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!


Betty started as a mood board about a lifestyle of the past and presents powerful feminine figures, evoking seduction, lost love, and powerful flirting intentions.

It quickly evolved toward a collection of essential lingerie staples starting with tights. Betty pulls this long lost accessory back off the potato shelf from your corner shop into flirty conversations.

Betty is the revival of a powerful feminine heritage.


As a brand we value authenticity, quality and savoir-faire. That’s why Betty partners with a family owned business in northern Italy, and prioritizes green supplied manufacturers. The garment thrives longer than your average tight thanks to its qualities and strong yarn.


Both born in France, Charlene and Joanna lived in Paris and the South of France. While they met living abroad, they both entertained the thought of a French fashion brand, something representing the uniqueness of the culture, without crossing over to cliché.

Joanna is the art director of Betty, Charlene at the helm of the brand performance.

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

It was very important for us to deliver a high-end experience to our customers. Our goal is to position the hosiery back into the lingerie world, so we needed to develop a similar experience for unpacking. Our tights are a gift that our customers are offering to themselves, a treat for the eyes and the senses, and the packaging needed to reflect that.

noissue Custom Tissue and Custom Stickers, designed by @wearbetty_

Unlike all our competitors, we wanted to minimize the use of single-use plastic as much as possible. We desired a box that, once opened, would reveal the tights carefully folded into layers of silk paper. Additionally, instead of a wax seal, we opted for a round sticker with our logo on it to seal the silk papers.

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

Choosing noissue was very obvious for us, especially for these reasons:

  • Sustainability: We needed to find a collaborator that shares our ethos and cares about the materials and ink used.
  • Attention to detail: The quality is outstanding. Compared to other brands we tested before, noissue really pays fantastic attention to detail. No blurred lines, no flimsy cardboard, dusty papers, or stickers with insufficient glue.
  • Efficiency and speed: Being a small company, every minute of work matters.

Creating perfect packaging on noissue is just so easy and intuitive!