I started the Gypsy Fawn jewelry line in the Fall of 2013 on my living room floor. I couldn’t find the jewelry I wanted to wear, and when I did it was much too expensive for my college student budget, so I set out to create jewelry that would be unique and also more affordable. When I started The Gypsy Fawn, I was going through a hard, transitional point, and my jewelry brand was pretty much all I had for myself when I left my old way of life and began again.

Mythology heavily inspires my pieces, especially goddesses from various pantheons. I had the opportunity to study Celtic Mythology in Ireland a few summers ago, and that is when I started to develop pieces inspired after and named for specific goddesses. This means a lot of my branding revolves around goddesses and making my customers feel like goddesses when they’re wearing these pieces, and I want to help spread that kind of empowerment well beyond jewelry.

I have a specific color palette that I use, as well as specific shapes like moons and hexagons which help identify my brand. Custom tissue paper has elevated that by enabling me to incorporate some of the symbols that reoccur in my pieces, all in one packaging form; I used the Venus symbol, an eye, a snake, a moon, and a star as well as my logo in my design because those symbols all have to do with the mythologies and beliefs that inspire my pieces. Since adding all these details, I have received so much positive feedback from customers. It elevates their experience when they’re unwrapping their The Gypsy Fawn packages. I strive to create a unique experience for my customers, and custom packaging definitely contributes to that experience.