The magazine started in the form of a passion project during mine (Anna) and Thomas's time in Lisbon. The aim was to create a space for a deeper travel experience, and a playground for developing my passion for stories, design and culture.

This project gives me endless freedom to live out my creativity. When it comes to creating beautiful print products, you can learn and do anything you want. I guess that’s the magic of Independent Publishing. Also, supporting small companies (and their visions) and new work-ethics motivates what we do.

The best part for me is finding the 'special thing' in the stories of the people we work with. After that I love bringing everything together to complete the bigger puzzle.

I believe that handwork and time are the new luxuries in our digital world. If you put enough time and handwork into what you are doing, your physical product will naturally feel special. Seeing people sharing their experiences with your physical product online makes the endless hours of packing and packaging worth it in the end. For me, that’s the best mixture between digital and print.