We (Lauren and Shauna) were hired back when the company was called Fairgoods, and there was only a team of five. After many shifts within the company, we ended up being the only two left. So we decided to make it our own. We went from selling expensive third-party, hand-crafted items to completely designing and making our own affordable products. We both have a dark sense of humor, so we love to create gifts that are a little bit shocking and brutally honest. We changed our name to Boldfaced because we wanted a company name that was inspired by our love for typography and our brazen attitude. Our vision is to make people laugh and smile, and for our gifts to be sold all over the world!

We both love nostalgic and vintage items, so a lot of our products are modern versions of the stuff that we grew up with. For example, our “Worst Place Ribbons” are a twist on the sports ribbons we both got in grade school. We are also proud Canadians, so we have a huge line of Canada-focused gifts! We both cringe when we see those products out there like “Live, Laugh, Love.” They have oversaturated the market, and are generally poorly designed with terrible type. There is almost an insincerity to gifts that have hallmark sentiments. When you are gifting something to a close friend or family member, it feels more personal to say something with a sense of candor. Plus, making people laugh is the best thing ever!

We try to keep our packaging as simple and affordable as possible, which is why everything is printed in black and white only. We hate waste, so any packaging is minimal. We reuse and recycle all of our boxes, and operate out of a co-working artist space to save on electricity and heat. As our designer, Shauna makes typography the focus of all our products and packaging. Everything is really straight-forward and clear, so there is no confusion as to what you are buying. Our products are extremely colorful, so the black and white branding is a nice contrast that really makes them pop!

We chose noissue because of the wonderful user experience. It was super easy to order and arrived quickly. The price was the best we’ve seen, and we love how environmentally conscious the paper is! It really compliments our own efforts at being sustainable.