Hello Holidays! It’s that time of year when everyone wants to update their look and dress to impress – and that includes your packaging.

Custom packaging designs are an awesome way to immerse your business into the festivities while reinforcing your brand identity. An attractive unboxing experience is key to customer engagement and brand loyalty, and the holiday season is the perfect time to get creative.

There’s no doubt that memorable, seasonal designs give your brand an edge, but how do you stand out from the crowd?

Christmas gets a lot of love in the custom packaging world, with traditional designs tending to be flashy and oh-so-colorful. Sure, we love those iconic reds and greens, but for a splash of originality in a sea of Santas, maybe it’s time to think outside the box with less traditional themes.

We’re talking about celebrating the other contenders to the “best holiday” crown – the fun-filled-festivities of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the New Year. Which one is your favorite?

Veer away from generic designs and make a real impact by putting your own spin on seasonal packaging. Need some inspiration? Here’s how 10 brands have wrapped their products up using alternative holiday ideas.

Inga Buividavice


You won’t be surprised that Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, and the festive season is the perfect time to take note of what you’re grateful for. Watercolor artist Inga displays her gratitude for all things Autumn through her fall-themed custom tissue and cards. We are definitely thankful for these stunning painted illustrations and orange-toned tissue. Spice up your packaging designs and give them pumpkin’ to talk about this holiday season.

Kat Schneider


The holiday season is the perfect time to give thanks to those special people in your life. And at the end of a year where being with the people you love hasn’t always been possible, it has never been more important to find ways of expressing how much they mean to you. Kate Schneider not only utilizes her custom card to show her appreciation for her customers but also allows them to pay it forward. Including a thank you note this Thanksgiving or Christmas will keep your brand in the hearts and minds of customers well into the new year. So thoughtful!

Flora Waycott


Looking for holiday packaging that feels festive and can also be re-used after Christmas is done and dusted? Snow problem! Flora Waycott proves that holiday packaging doesn’t need to be full of Santas and reindeer to have a Christmas feel. By using a simple silver and white palette, Flora shows off simple illustrations of wintery flowers and delicate doves – less ‘in-your-face’ and more ‘love at frost sight.’ We love the addition of a custom card for an extra touch of snow-covered sparkle.

Sao Zen Plush


These bright, fun-filled designs have really got us under their spell. Plush toy artist and designer Sao Zen Plush has used spookily sweet characters and illustrations to inject some fun into the festivities. We just love the glow-in-the-dark style tissue paper that is guaranteed to make even the biggest kids smile. Time to put next year’s Halloween in your diary and trick or treat yourself to some fresh new packaging. Fang-tastic!

Jamie M Green


This alternative seasonal design mixes blacks and orange-browns with autumnal illustrations that have made us fall in love. Homey and Halloween-esque, illustrator Jamie M Green’s addition of rustic twine to wrap everything together is a festively fabulous move. Move over Pumpkin-spiced lattes, we have cute and cozy fall-themed packaging to make us feel snug and warm.



New Year, new designs, new you. Botanical illustrator Typoflora effortlessly matches this classy tissue paper to her equally stylish product. This timeless floral-themed design hints at beautiful new beginnings and a hopeful new year in vivid shades of deep turquoise and gold. Everything is going to be A-Bouquet.

Kristin Askland


Teapots, acorns, and a cat in a hat and a scarf! This packaging design is just too cute and cuddly. Norwegian graphic designer Kristin Askland has included sweet illustrations that make us yearn for those colder months of the year. It’s simplistic and delicate but still oozes personality and charm. Purr-fect.

Jacqueline Colley


The start of a new year is a green-light to think outside the box! Exciting holiday packaging doesn’t need to include generic festive images or colors: they could simply be a celebration of you, your brand, and your unique personality. Receiving colorful packaging full of character like the custom tissue paper Jacqueline Colley has created is enough to make anyone feel like the New Year is gonna be a good one. Let the good vibes roll.

Cultivating customer relationships is essential for the future of your business, and when best to start than during the merriest time of the year? Give the gift of quality packaging, while also giving back to the planet.

With noissue’s tissue and products, you can spread some festive cheer and rest assured that all your packaging is sustainable and renewable. It’s easy to do your part to minimize your packaging waste and give consumers something else to feel thankful for this holiday season.

So, get cracking with a packaging design that will be remembered long after the turkey has been devoured, the presents are all unwrapped and the festive season is over! Happy holidays.