This Earth Month, the team here at noissue wants to make more brands aware of the sustainable packaging options available and encourage them to make the first step – but we’ll have much a bigger impact if we don’t just do it alone.

We need advocates for change on our side, which is where you come in! As a consumer, you can influence the change you want to see and encourage your favourite brands to make more responsible decisions.

If a business you know and love could improve their packaging by making a switch to compostable, reusable or recyclable materials, help us to help them by giving them a free noissue packaging sample pack.

Your local businesses can touch and feel some sustainable packaging alternatives up close (including our Compostable Mailer, Tissue Paper, Stickers and Tape) which is the first step to making a change in their business.

Did you know that plastic packaging is the biggest contributor to plastic waste, responsible for almost half of the global total? Where there’s demand from customers, businesses will follow suit, so we’re encouraging you to strike up a conversation with businesses to spread the word.

Sharing that sustainable packaging should be a priority for brands due to the massive environmental impacts of ecommerce packaging while giving them a sustainable packaging sample pack is a powerful way to influence change.

Refer your local businesses

Let us know their email address and name, and we'll send them a note to redeem it for free – it’s that simple!

Subject to limited availability.

Let's work together to tackle one of the biggest environmental problems facing the world today.

While each action may feel small, if all of our individual actions are added together as a collective, we can make a world of difference and put a stop to unnecessary packaging waste.