Hi! My name is Steffi Lynn, and I'm a letterer and illustrator! I started Have A Nice Day to create work that made me smile, and to make others smile too. Life can be really stressful at times, and I want my work to provide motivation and courage to my customers. I find inspiration for my designs in basic everyday items that I can add some little quirks to, and anything that can brighten someone’s mood! I want my work to be a little reminder that anyone can get through the hard times.

My brand identity is something that I struggle with sometimes as a freelancer, since I have so many interests. But I’ve found some key styles that I really love. Even when I’m trying out a medium, I can apply a smiley face or script and it brings it all back together. I’d tell anyone that if they want to freelance or start their own business- GO FOR IT! You will never know what you’re capable of until you start. It's important to be hungry for work. Look for it, ask for it - things won’t just fall into your lap.

It’s important to me that everything I make has more than one purpose, so people get the most out of their money and create less waste. I’ve definitely faced some challenges with packages and receiving products from manufacturers. I’ve started asking for my manufacturers to not individually package my items, and not to use non-recyclable materials.

When I first came across noissue, I was so excited to be able to custom design some really fun packaging. I encourage people to either reuse it or do some sort of crafting out of it! My friends and I have been reusing the same papers to gift back and forth for celebrations. It’s something so simple, but adds so much more character to my brand! People love opening their packages and seeing their orders wrapped with extra thought and love.