Happy International Women's Day! Wondering how you can celebrate and lift small, women-owned businesses beyond March 8? Keep on reading! ❤️

We understand that the shopping experience can be a bit stressful when you're in the market for the perfect birthday present or special occasion gift. Instead of buying yet another gift card from the endless rows of them at department stores, why not show your support for independent, women of color-owned businesses that impact both the planet and people?

Custom noissue Tote by @minervagm

Gift sincerely and support small and minority-owned brands offering one-of-a-kind items! Whether you’re searching for a specially-made art piece or want to wrap up earth-friendly activewear as a gift, look no further than our guide to shopping from minority and women-led noissue customers.

We're in awe of these brand's commitments to their respective missions and sustainability! For packaging that packs a custom and eco-friendly punch, look no further than noissue's Tissue, Tape, Mailers, and more. Create an incredible unboxing experience that won't harm the earth, and sustainably stand out!

From fantastic bites any foodie will appreciate to sustainable sweatshirts in earth-friendly packaging and more, you’re sure to grab a gleeful gift (or three) that gives back. Here are some fantastic minority women-owned businesses with thoughtfully crafted and curated products – and incredible packaging, to boot!

Pransuk Dessert

Pransuk Dessert is a bakery that plates up tasty traditional Thai treats. Founded by two women, Pransuk Dessert is a labor of love and legacy inspired by creators Chosita and Ploynita’s desire to pay homage to their Thai heritage in harmony with contemporary influences. Pransuk Dessert originated out of Chosita’s home in Chiangmai, Thailand, but the bakery has since grown rich roots in the United Kingdom to spread the sweet taste of Thai culture to those across the pond.

We’ve mentioned in our Food gift guide that their Lucky Number 9 gift set is a must-get, but we’re also completely captivated by the Coconut Milk Jelly Cupcakes – just look at all that delicious detail!



Seem familiar? You might have seen this Latina-owned business on our Wellness guide! For the fragrance fanatics, Sorbetto will have your new signature scent that simultaneously does social and sustainable good. Sorbetto donates 10% of each product purchase to Fundación Mas, a non-profit organization helping women and individuals in need around the globe. Through their partnership with Fundación Mas, Sorbetto aids at-risk people with shelter, nutrition, clothing, education, medical assistance, and more with their scent sales. All wrapped up in compostable noissue Tissue, and it really is as sweet as it gets!

The two available scents, Pop and Orangecello, are superbly soothing with ethically sourced and all-natural notes. While Pop is soft and sugary, Orangecello is an orange creamsicle in a bottle – both irresistible and safe to spritz on skin and hair!

Custom noissue Tissue by @withlovesorbetto

Minerva GM

Appreciating nature is never a bad idea. And Mexican artist Minerva of Minerva GM wholeheartedly agrees – her bold and bright illustrations aren’t lacking in nods to Mother Nature! Minerva is an illustrator who’s constantly influenced by her heritage and home full of flora native to the Mexican Caribe. Driven by her love for the environment, Minerva’s prints and pieces are created in small batches to result in earth-friendly art. Minerva’s products are packaged in eco-friendly packaging, so every order made actively avoids impacting the earth.

Spot cerulean sea turtles, towering tulips, and twirling dancers in much of Minerva’s art, surrounded by contemporary shapes for a chic and cheery interpretation of the natural world!


Magi the Label

Underwear doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or unsustainable. That’s why Magi the Label is trying to change the usually unfavorable opinions on underwear through earth-friendly undergarment pieces! Belgian-Azerbaijani founder Nergiz creates underwear and bralettes from hemp, an all-natural textile that gets softer with every wash. Magi the Label is Nergiz’s response to the ethical and environmental issues that the undergarment industry is experiencing, since hemp is an organic option that’s also ethically sourced and 100% solar powered in production. Say hello to hemp undies that are not only good for you but also for the environment!

There’s more to this happy helping – Magi the Label arranges a donation of 1% of their sales to non-profits that seek to enact climate justice. Pair bikini briefs and a bralette for a sustainably soft set, which comes in fully compostable noissue Mailers!

Compostable noissue Mailer by @magithelabel

Peachie Bagels

While we could go for some peachy bites like this business’s name implies, we’re craving Peachie Bagel’s hamster-sized habitats even more! Founded by student-artist Hoyeon Choi, Peachie Bagels specializes in artistic, hand-crafted wooden hamster homes. Peachie Bagels provides homestead solutions for small pets like hamsters, which are often overlooked for comfortable habitats. There’s no place like these hamster homes where your littlest furry loved one can feel cozy and safe in style.

You can find products like cute Nook’s Cranny models, miniature mousy kitchens, and other decors on Peachie Bagel’s Etsy store. Any hamster will be so happy hanging out in these homes!


Pretty Kind London

Beauty babes are going to love this one. We gave Pretty Kind London a shout-out on our Beauty gift guide, but we can’t get enough of this Black-owned and women-founded sustainable beauty brand! Pretty Kind London is all about dolling yourself up in earth-conscious skincare and pigments that don’t skip out on quality. Founder Mutia Ademola says, “What's important in my business is fair trade, being eco-friendly, and inclusive branding.” We think she’s done that and then some with how beautifully Pretty Kind London’s products perform – and how pretty their eco-friendly noissue Tape is!

Gift a loved one with Pretty Kind London’s Bio Glitter Glam sets, and they’ll be glimmering at the next get-together. Plus, all products come in returnable and reusable jars for an entirely earth-friendly present!

Custom noissue Tape by @prettykindlondon

Luna + Sun

Luna + Sun is a clothing brand that represents the positive effects of supporting women, animals, and the environment while shopping sustainably. To combat the overconsumption caused by the general fashion industry, Founder Teshani formed her clothing label for sustainable and responsibly-made clothes. Luna + Sun’s collections are full of chic pieces to feel fully confident in and come packaged in sustainable noissue Tissue and Stickers for an eco-friendly and ethical win-win!

You’ll find an unbeatable getup in Luna + Sun’s signature Bodhi Dress, which comes in multiple colors and matches every occasion. And if you’re building up a responsible capsule wardrobe, you can’t do without the Amanda Linen Pants.


Mama Movement

Let’s get moving, mamas! You’ve seen Mama Movement in our Wellness guide, but we have to give them another awesome nod. Faye, the founder of this body-inclusive brand, proudly produces eco-friendly activewear pieces specifically made to flatter and move with you. Mama Movement is redefining what sustainable strength looks like, no matter the size! Bold colors and patterns appear all around in their lines of bras, leggings, swimwear, and more. So, say bye to boring activewear and sweat things out in style.

Looking for nursing-friendly activewear or want a sweet set for your little one? Beat the buzzer and boogie on over to Mama Movement’s bestsellers!


That’s a Wrap!

These good-for-all gifts are guaranteed to stand out among the rest. By shopping from these businesses, you’ll be supporting minority and women-owned brands creating sustainable and special presents for any person or occasion. Give the gift of goodness, and your impact will speak volumes!

Still searching for the perfect packaging for your products? Head to noissue for Tissue, Tape, and more unique gift packaging and shipping options to customize to your branding! No surprises will get spoiled through satisfying packaging designs that’ll keep gift recipients on their twinkle toes. Uplevel your gift unwrapping experience with unforgettable custom and eco-friendly packaging to celebrate consciously.

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