noissue Custom Recycled Folded Hangtag and Custom Recycled Card by @onkenhat

Accessories are often seen as an extension of our artistic sides. From floral patterns to sweeping stripes and complementary colors, they help us further express ourselves and our passions in style. And hats are a favorite accessory for many (us included!), as they can complete an outfit, shield us from the elements, and make a bold statement.

For Nick, founder of Onken Made, hats and accessories can go beyond their typical function. The very energies of the individuals drive the pieces he creates. Onken Made pieces aren’t just hats or scarves – they’re bespoke works of art, fueled by creativity, curiosity, and positivity!

Nick started his small business by personalizing hats that contain and embody something more than just your typical adornments.

“I started out making custom hats which I call Totem Crowns. The brand was called Onken Hat, and we migrated to Onken Made to encapsulate the other products, such as silk scarves, jewelry, and other accessories that I’ve been inspired to make.”

Photo by @onkenhat

Nick’s design philosophy begins with understanding his clients’ inspirations and motivations, which he translates into beautiful customizations aimed at channeling people’s “inner white rabbit,” manifesting their dreams and ambitions into one-of-a-kind items.

“The Onken Made brand is about following your white rabbit, discovering the universe inside of you, and activating your superpowers. It stems from the hats, which I call Totem Crowns. A totem is a symbol of spiritual significance, and a crown is, well, a crown that you wear on your head.”

Marrying the two concepts into wearable, stand-out accessories is what drives Nick to personalize every client’s item thoughtfully. Because every piece employs embellishments such as various stones, stitchings, and materials unique to the individual, no two Onken Made creations are alike.

“Since the hats are fully custom, and my process includes taking ideas, symbols, icons, etc. that are of spiritual significance to the client, and encoding them onto the hat, the hat itself becomes spiritually significant to the client.”

Photo by @onkenhat

Nick also ensured that this philosophy comes through crystal clear in Onken Made’s branding. His hats, scarves, and jewelry are a “crystallization of [his customer’s] life journey, their spiritual journey.” Thus, his brand is the culmination of his passion for helping people discover and activate their higher selves and more deeply connect with the universe.

“The Onken Made brand is meant to tell that story, inspire people to dive deeper within themselves, activate their gifts, and share them with the world. When they wear the items created by the brand, they embody and express their uniqueness.”

While Onken Made grew and saw more custom requests, Nick considered his packaging options and how they could play a major role in representing his brand. Before becoming a small business owner, he was a graphic designer and experienced firsthand how good branding leaves a lasting impact on customers.

“As I’ve generated revenue for Onken Made, I’ve been able to invest in the brand touchpoints such as the packaging. It creates a deeper, more memorable experience for the client.”

Photo by @onkenhat

Respect for the earth is a pillar of Onken Made, so Nick turns to noissue’s custom packaging options to provide customers with an extra special unboxing experience while remaining as sustainable as possible.

Upon receiving their bespoke piece from Onken Made, recipients are warmly welcomed with a custom noissue Recycled Card printed with eco-friendly inks. The card is curb-side recyclable to avoid generating excess waste and makes for a cool art print that reminds customers to indulge in their uniqueness!

Nick also includes a custom noissue Recycled Folded Hangtag attached to every order featuring illustrations of spiritual and natural symbols. The hangtag features the Onken Made logo accompanied by mushrooms and butterflies, completed with an empowering phrase for recipients to crystallize their universe through their custom creation.

The recyclable hangtags avoid creating even more waste while encouraging customers to proudly wear their accessories as “the universe inside of them, expressed through a fashionable token.”

Onken Made’s conscious unboxing experience doesn’t stop there! Nick tops off his packages with an eco-friendly custom logo sticker, so customers know exactly where their order came from when it arrives at their doorsteps.

Since the custom stickers are printed with sustainable inks and can be recycled or composted, customers have different options to dispose of them correctly. Instead, they can go ahead with chasing their curiosities and don their crystallized universes right then and there!

“I love the eco-friendly and easy-to-create offerings that noissue has. [It’s an] easy-to-use platform and a great product with competitive prices. Customers definitely notice the difference and the packaging pieces.”

noissue Custom Recycled Card and Recycled Custom Folded Hangtag by @onkenhat

Pursuing his white rabbit has led Nick to share his magic with customers and show them the beauty of embracing their crystallized universes. And Onken Made customers aren’t shy about their appreciation, especially with the impressive branding, accessories, and unboxing experience!

“[My favorite moments] are when I’m out and about, and people love the hats and the brand and recognize them.”

Nick’s wearable art pieces connect clients to the universe, while his packaging incorporates sustainability into Onken Made’s DNA. Without losing sight of the values behind his brand’s ethos or sacrificing sustainability, he takes his creations above and beyond to meaningfully equip customers with their unique universes.

We couldn’t think of a more magical match!

See more of Onken Made on their website and Instagram!

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