Learn How to Create a Repeating Pattern for your custom noissue Tissue or Tape.

Not sure how to create a repeating pattern for your tissue or tape design? We’ve collaborated with Surface Pattern Designer - Bonnie Christine - to bring you this tutorial on how to create a repeating pattern.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • How to seamlessly create a repeating pattern from a sketch
  • Scan your drawing and edit in Illustrator
  • Pick a color palette for your pattern
  • Save your pattern as a seamless print (no lines!)

Here’s Bonnie to tell you a bit more about herself and what the video is all about:

“Hello, my pattern loving friends! I'm Bonnie Christine, an artist and surface pattern designer and I'm passionate about sharing what I know. As a self-taught designer, I know how hard it can be to focus on your BIG dreams and conquer the learning curve that comes along with them. I also know how it feels to have your biggest dreams come true. My hope is help you live the extraordinarily creative life of your dreams.”

“I’m honored to be visiting noissue’s blog for the day. Thank you for having me!”

“Let's get started!”

“I fell in love with pattern design 9 years ago and have experienced so much joy because of it. There's something extra special about the process of seeing your sketches, scribbles and doodles come to life in this way! Here's your fair warning: making patterns can be very addicting! :) In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to create repeating patterns from your own artwork and doodles in Adobe Illustrator.”

“Once you’re finished, you'll be ready to order your very own tissue paper and tape! For years, noissue has always been my favorite place to order custom tissue paper. I love that their products are eco-friendly and completely customizable!”  

“I can't wait to see what you create!”

Enjoy the tutorial from Bonnie, we look forward to seeing your #noissuetissue and #noissuetape designs! Bonnie is also currently running a Surface Design course, which you can check out here!

About: Bonnie Christine is an Artist and Surface Pattern Designer. Passionate about sharing what she has learned in Surface Design, she teaches and shares tips through her courses and website.