Cosmetics often need packaging that’s specially crafted to not only protect the product but entice customers. After all, a cosmetic brand’s first interaction with a customer is through product packaging, so you want to make a good impression!

Custom folding carton boxes for cosmetics are versatile and sustainable products that preserve cosmetics products well and are easily distinguishable. They’re also a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging that typically can’t be recycled. These boxes are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified materials, with the boxes being recyclable and compostable.

Featuring tuck tops and snap-lock bottoms, these packages are ideal for products that necessitate outer coverage or give brands a premium and authoritative feel. But branded product packaging need not be unsustainable – especially when there are custom options that keep your branding consistent on better packaging materials.

People, particularly younger generations, have consistently expressed the willingness to invest in sustainable packaging as 83% of people 44 or younger see true purpose in it. Knowing how to design the ideal custom boxes for cosmetics depends on the target market you’re considering targeting and their specific design needs. In order to keep customers coming back for more, be sure to show off your unique and beautiful branding on your product packaging. Custom carton boxes can do that and more, without leaving a negative environmental impact!

Additionally, your product boxes should have strong durability and should not leave you or your customers with a lot of waste. When designing custom cosmetic boxes, the following features should be considered to ensure optimal customer satisfaction when using folding carton boxes.

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If you’re small skincare and cosmetic business owner, you should have a clear idea of your target market when considering any design for your packaging. For example, if your products are intended for a younger audience, your product box design can be a bit more colorful and flashy.

Your brand should be represented well in the design, but the design should also be aesthetically pleasing. For cosmetic brands with eco-conscious customers, sustainable elements like biodegradable void fillers can be added to further substantiate the product box design.

As the cosmetic packaging market steadily grows and customer demands evolve, small business owners should explore the needs they are trying to fill and establish the benefits they’re trying to provide with the cosmetic packaging boxes.

Considering cosmetic boxes made from better materials

In meeting the aesthetic expectations regarding the product box printing, cosmetic brand leaders should be mindful of minimizing the environmental impact that the products may have.  By using recyclable paperboard, also known as kraft, you use the most eco-friendly option to guarantee sustainable packaging for your cosmetic products.

Kraft cosmetic boxes are thicker than regular paper, well-layered, and have become increasingly popular because of their flexibility and durability.  Custom folding carton boxes from noissue are made from recycled kraft and are printed with water-based inks, making them curbside recyclable and compostable.

Let customers know that your cosmetic boxes are recyclable or compostable with a thoughtful sticker label!

Size and sustainability

Ensuring that your custom folding carton boxes are the right size is crucial to reducing waste and maintaining an eco-friendly approach to cosmetics packaging. Have well-designed cosmetic packaging boxes at your disposal that best fit your cosmetic products to ensure they will be afforded maximum protection. Plus, a properly designed box helps optimize supply chain efficiency while minimizing returns from customers and possible damages.

Whenever possible, ensure that the packaging used is recyclable or compostable to provide a thoughtful unboxing experience. After unboxing your brand’s product, customers can easily recycle the packaging curbside or commercially, leaving no trace behind as waste.

Meeting regulations for custom cosmetic boxes

Creating well-designed cosmetic packaging boxes is only part of the journey towards more sustainable packaging. Another important aspect to factor in when creating customized packaging for cosmetic products is meeting specific requirements that must be adhered to before the packaging hits the public. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict rules for cosmetic packaging and labeling, pointing out the legal definition of cosmetics, what constitutes misbranded or adulterated cosmetics, and rules surrounding sustainable packaging. Be sure to carefully review your custom packaging while creating your design, as some packaging elements declare a regulated size, and the ingredients for cosmetic products must be listed in order.

Additionally, there is important information businesses are mandated to put on the custom folding carton boxes. Always confirm which words and phrases can or can’t be used when advertising, while consistently including your branding, care instructions, and sustainability information on your boxes. The last thing cosmetic owners want is to have a stand-out design held back because it doesn’t meet what the FDA demands with sustainable packaging!

🎁 Wrapping it up

To guarantee the viability of your custom folding carton boxes, consider the above-mentioned aspects so that it satisfies requirements, your customer’s eye for aesthetic design, and your brand’s sustainability efforts. Sustainable packaging is no issue (pun intended!) through customized packaging options for your cosmetic brand!

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