So, you’ve devoured last night’s takeaway pizza, and now the empty box sits on the counter, covered in crumbs, cheese, and other greasy bits of topping. Is it destined to become another landfill casualty?

There must be a better option than to throw the box in the trash, right?

Perhaps you could toss it in the paper recycling bin? But—can you recycle pizza boxes?

Well, yes and no.

Clean pizza boxes can be recycled. Unfortunately, many paper recycling facilities won't accept grease-soaked cardboard, since oil residues can contaminate an entire batch of paper intended to be recycled.

However, some pizza boxes are compostable and can be used to nurture soil instead of festering in waste. That's right, composting your pizza box is a great option, and it's easier than you think!

Why should we compost pizza boxes?

Why condemn cardboard pizza boxes to five slow years of landfill limbo? Through natural decomposition, grease- and oil-stained boxes can transform into healthy soil, ready to nurture the next generation of plants. So put down the trash bag, and let your pizza packaging nourish instead of smother.

Deliciously greasy: Do I need to clean boxes before composting?

When composting your pizza box, a reasonable amount of grease and food residues is A-OK. Just scrape off the leftover chunks of food and cheese clinging on for dear life. And that’s it! You supply the greasy pizza boxes, and Mother Nature handles the rest.

What happens to a pizza box when it gets composted?

When tossed in the compost, worms and microbes munch through the cardboard until it breaks down into rich, lively nutrients. What was once destined for waste purgatory now nourishes thriving gardens. From takeout to turnaround, each composted box completes a beautiful cycle, repaying the earth tenfold. Not bad for some "trash," eh?

Can all pizza boxes be composted?

While most pizza boxes are cardboard-based, some contain materials like plastic films or glossy coatings. These extras won’t decompose or slow down the breakdown process, making them unsuitable for composting. The good news? noissue's custom pizza boxes play by different rules! We use FSC-certified, kraft  corrugated cardboard printed with -based inks, making them compostable or recyclable where available. Want to learn more about recycling pizza boxes? Check out our blog for the full scoop!

Steps for restaurant owners

Here's how to reduce waste and compost your pizza box:

  1. Find your composting crew: Research local commercial composting facilities and hauliers. These folks will be your partners in recycling those boxes into “compost gold."
  2. Set up a dedicated compost bin: Label a bin specifically for pizza boxes, food scraps, and other approved composting materials.
  3. Train your team: Show your staff how to separate waste properly, ensuring pizza boxes find their rightful home in the compost bin.
  4. Spread the word: Let your customers know you're composting! Share information through signage, menus, a QR code on the box, or social media, raising awareness and encouraging participation.

Steps for consumers

If you’re running a food business, there’s a great easy way to convince customers to recycle and compost your noissue pizza packaging. Equip your custom pizza box with a QR code to guide the process. Then, your customers can scan and view simple steps for responsible post-pepperoni disposal.

Check out Tapkit by noissue here for more information on custom QR experiences.

Getting delicious, hot, on-brand pizza to your customers

Now that you're a composting pro, let's send those delicious pizzas to your customers in style! Get creative and inspire delicious moments with customizable, recyclable and compostable pizza boxes from noissue. With sturdy construction and planet-friendly credentials, our packaging checks all the boxes for zero waste wins. Need inspo? Get inspired by our design tips, and create a box that's as inviting as your pizzas. So, ditch the eco-guilt, embrace composting, and show your customers you care about the planet, one perfectly branded pizza box at a time.