Serving up sublime morning coffee and saving the planet shouldn't be mutually exclusive goals.

We know you're pulled in different directions trying to please customers and look after Mother Nature.

But what if we told you that it is possible to serve your artisan brews in disposable cups that won’t trash the planet?

So, what are the best materials for coffee cups that are safe for human consumption, kind to the earth, and keep coffee piping hot? Great news—here at noissue, we serve up high-quality coffee cups that check all these boxes.

Get ready to wow crowds with cups as artfully crafted as your brew.

A blast from the past: Not-so-sustainable solutions

How times have changed! If you bought takeaway coffee in the 90s, you’d remember the shudder-worthy days of coffee served in non-biodegradable styrofoam. Then came the plastic cup, which is still in widespread circulation and can’t be recycled or composted. Not to mention the potential health risks from chemical leaching.

Enter noissue's game-changing coffee cups—FDA-approved (meaning they're safe for food contact), commercially compostable, and crafted with conscience. Our coffee cups are lined with PLA, or polylactic acid, a plant-based plastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugarcane. So when you choose noissue, you're not just fueling caffeine fixes; you're championing a greener, cleaner cup that puts people and the planet first.

The future of coffee: Material that is gentle on the earth

Thankfully, noissue has sustainable solutions for serving coffee-drinking crowds. Bid adieu to waste-laden guilts, harmful chemicals, and neurotoxins.

Our white kraft paper cups with PE coating check all the boxes: standard coffee cup sizes, heat retention, waste reduction and customizability. We've even got frog-and-rainforest-safe PET plastic cold cups for all your iced matcha lattes, frappuccinos, or mojitos. Durable, recyclable, compostable, FDA-approved, what more could your customers ask for?

What's the deal with double-wall cups?

Our double-walled cups feature two layers that lock in temperature, keeping your coffee hot for longer. noissue offers recyclable double-walled coffee cups made with white kraft paper and an inner PE coating. We also provide compostable double-walled cups crafted from kraft or white card paper. Both retain heat and prevent condensation. These cups are an excellent choice for customers drinking coffee in the cafe or taking it to go.

noissue Double-walled Coffee Cup

Insulation, ease of holding

A great cup isn't just about being eco-friendly and keeping your drink at the perfect temperature; it should also be comfortable to hold without burning fingers. Thanks to noissue's FDA-approved insulated cups with lids, you can keep coffee hot so that your flawlessly extracted espressos, ginger-lemon teas, and chocolate mochas stay drinkable until the last sip.

Want to take the coffee experience to the next level? Add our customizable coffee cup sleeves and watch your brand steal the show! These comfortable-to-hold, plastic-free beauties keep fingers scorch-free and offer prime promotional real estate. Yup, we're talking a billboard for your brand wrapped snugly around every steaming cup.

noissue Custom Coffee Cup Sleeves

Design the perfect cup: Customization made easy

To dazzle crowds, your flawlessly brewed coffee needs a cup with high visual impact. But who has time for graphic design on top of sourcing ethical beans and pulling silky shots?

That's where noissue steps in for cup customization assistance. Reach out to our in-house artists to help develop the perfect combo of logos, colors, finishes, lid types, sizing, and more—all personalized to your brand DNA. Choose from recyclable or compostable materials to pass on your values with every takeaway brew.

Your sustainable coffee cup solution awaits with noissue!

Ready to serve your delicious coffee creations in style that doesn't cost the earth? Explore noissue's customizable coffee cups and find your perfect match. With material that helps drinks stay warm and flavors popping without harming the planet, we're stirring up smart solutions for earth-loving coffee providers. With noissue by your side, every sip will taste better and help push the planet to a more sustainable future.