Packaging might seem like a minor part of your business, but it is one of the most important aspects to consider. It’s the first thing customers see when they order products from your brand or search the shelves in a store.

Your packaging influences every customer’s first impression of your brand, whether you’re using kraft boxes with gummed tape, poly mailers, or clamshell packages.

If you’re a relatively new product-based business, you should spend plenty of time creating the perfect packaging. Even if you’re a well-established business, it’s always good to re-evaluate your current packaging options and determine where improvements can be made.

Choosing Suitable Packaging for Heavy Deliveries

Packaging isn’t just there to make your products look aesthetically pleasing. It also has a protective function, keeping your products safe, secure, and tamper-free during transit. When shipping items directly to your customers’ doors, you need to consider the most optimal packaging options for your unique products.

This is particularly important if you ship heavy products. You can use sturdy boxes with reinforced paper tape to add an extra layer of protection and security to your packaging.

The Best Types of Packaging Tape for Shipping Heavy Products

The tape you use for your packaging is just as essential as the packaging itself. It reinforces your boxes and mailers to ensure they don’t break or tear during shipping.

Many customers have wondered what gummed tape is. It is a popular type of tape used by many brands to reinforce their packaging and add an extra layer of security to their packages. It’s just one of several types of tape to consider when processing and delivering orders to customers. Some of the best types of tape to use when shipping heavy or bulky products include:

  • Gummed tape (paper or water-activated tape) - this has a strip of natural glue adhesive that becomes sticky when it gets wet, enabling you to tamper-proof your packaging.
  • Customized reinforced tape - this is the perfect option when you’re trying to build brand awareness. You can add your unique brand logo, colors, and designs to create packaging that stands out above the crowd. Reinforced tape is tamper proof, made from FSC certified materials, uses a non-toxic water-adhesive, and customizable to your brand. Safe to use for packages up to 110 lbs.
  • Reinforced kraft tape - this is a strong and specialized type of tape that will add sturdiness and structure to your packages, ensuring your products remain in place during transit.

Functions of Packaging Tape

Whether you use reinforced kraft or paper tape, all packaging tapes offer a number of benefits and functions, including:

  1. Enhanced aesthetics and professionalism
  2. Increased functionality
  3. Better protection for heavy and fragile items
  4. Extra security and tamper-free design
  5. Increased brand awareness
  6. A better and more enjoyable customer unboxing experience

How to Choose the Best Packaging Tape to Ship Heavy Packages

There are many things to consider when choosing the most suitable tape for your packages. Some key aspects to consider include the weight of your package or packages, custom designs, and the length and width of your parcels.

Identify the Weight of your Package

Your packaging tape needs to be able to support the total weight of your packages. This includes the items and protective padding inside the package (i.e., bubble wrap, Styrofoam, packaging peanuts), and the box or mailer itself.

Choosing tape that isn’t strong enough to keep your packages sealed could lead to broken items and unhappy customers. Not only can this damage your reputation, but it can also cost you a lot of money from processing returns and exchanges, and dealing with customer complaints.

Consider Custom Designs

If you want to customize your tape so that it is more aligned with your brand, you should choose packaging tape that can be custom printed. You can easily print your unique brand logo and colors onto your packing tape, providing an additional way to boost your brand awareness.

You can also customize your tape with the words ‘fragile’ or ‘do not bend’ if you are shipping heavy items that can be easily broken.

Determine the Length and Width of Packages

Your tape needs to comfortably span the length and width of your packages. Using tape that fits properly onto your boxes and mailers will make your packages professional and aesthetically pleasing.

It will also ensure that your packages don’t open up during transit, keeping your items safe and secure until they reach your customers.

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