What makes a gift box so enticing to unwrap? When hearing the word gift or present, one envisions a perfectly wrapped parcel with a big bow. Then, that unforgettable feeling is hard to put into proper words when you pull the ribbon apart. 🎀

The most familiar feature of gift boxes is the string or ribbon tied atop it to keep the surprise concealed. Packages adorned with a satin ribbon look luxurious and add to the recipient’s anticipation and excitement to interact with your packaging and reach the items inside.

And a ribbon with a logo is a lot more functional than you’d think! Besides keeping loose lids and gift boxes closed, it can attach hang tags to the exterior or products inside, wrap around stationery and bags, decorate product boxes and paper tube packaging, and be reused for so much more while staying consistent with your branding.

Of course, as your one-stop-shop for all things custom packaging and shipping, we couldn’t leave out this rad addition to our wrapping family!

Introducing noissue Custom Recycled Satin Ribbon

Create your brand’s Custom Satin Ribbon to complete a memorable unboxing experience.

Tying up a great customer experience never felt and looked more luxe. Especially when your brand has luxury gift packaging that doesn’t leave a lasting impact on the planet! Premium packaging is required to turn your brand’s cosmetic, skincare, and wellness products into a customer’s VIP treatment.

Having a noissue Custom Recycled Ribbon sport your brand’s logo or design of your choice will elevate the look and feel of your gifts or products upon arrival on your customer’s doorstep without generating excessive waste.

Dive into the details of noissue Custom Recycled Ribbon

Here’s what you need to know about our custom satin ribbon:

  • Available in the US only
  • Made from 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic materials certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS)
  • Reusable
  • Comes in two sizes and widths
  • Customize with one-sided hot stamping using non-toxic dry foils in Pantone colors
  • Choose between two base colors (White or Black)
  • Customize your brand’s satin ribbon here!

How to use a custom ribbon in your brand’s packaging

Tie the perfect package together with satin ribbon around tissue paper-wrapped products.

Aside from being the perfect package topper on shipping and retail boxes, a custom ribbon can make your parcel immediately stand out as one that’s premium. Going completely plastic-free with your brand’s packaging supplies doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Paired with other packaging products, textured pieces like satin ribbon take things up a notch and give customers a glimpse into the high-quality experience they’re about to have with your brand. Here are a few thought-starters on using eco-friendly ribbon and transforming the typical unboxing into your brand’s ultimate showcase!

While gift boxes are a solid bet to wrap around, custom satin ribbon is ideal for keeping packaging products sealed or tissue-wrapped products inside of a mailer or bag together. Tie various products to keep them from rolling around inside a shipping box or container while making sure you’re still displaying your logo to keep brand presentation consistent.

What’s on the inside counts too! Place a bow onto product boxes, garment bags, and drawstring bags. Shiny and soft ribbons will entice your customers to interact with your product. They can hang onto their ribbon as keepsakes. Talk about being mindful and multifunctional!

Speaking of hanging around, why not use branded satin ribbon to secure custom hang tags to your clothing and accessories? Give a sweet sneak peek of your logo on a ribbon to hang product sizes or helpful information on tote bags, handbags, apparel, and more. Customers will swoon at your brand’s sophisticated attention to detail, no matter how small.

🎁 Wrapping it up

To tie everything together with a custom satin ribbon, your brand will be a step above the rest in providing your customers an unbeatable unboxing experience! Your brand deserves to treat itself and its customers to the finer things in life. Start customizing your recycled satin ribbon here!

Need other packaging pieces to complete your brand’s conscious set? Look no further than our array of eco-friendly shipping and packaging supplies to design with your brand in mind. noissue makes it friendly and easy for you to shop by your industry or product category!