"Starting my own business was never an intentional thought or goal. I knew I wanted freedom in what I was designing and who I was working with. After several years of working in the fashion industry, I left my corporate job to start freelancing so that I could experience new opportunities.”

“I reached out to friends and discussed ideas for collaboration and slowly started to develop my style and techniques. I tend to take inspiration from daily life and experiences. Living here in New York City you get exposed to so many unique people, and it has always interested me how people choose to express themselves in different ways. I try to interpret those ideas into happy patterns and colorful artwork.”

“Like every small business, as you grow, capacity gets tighter and tighter. Finding that balance between doing things yourself and hiring help is crucial. I recently hired someone to help me on the business operations side a few days a week. While she has taken over on focusing how I can grow and some of my partnerships, I can focus on creating and painting and big picture goals!”

“Sustainability to my brand, and to me as a person, is definitely important. I try to make every decision consciously with the planet in mind. One thing I like to point out is that all of our leather is vegetable tanned rather than chrome tanned. I wanted to use natural raw leather and implement color and texture using paint.”

“Chrome tanning requires large vats of chemically treated water of which there is always excess. The excess leaks out into the communities surrounding the manufacturing and can cause serious health problems, not to mention the environmental damage."

“Vegetable tanning, on the other hand, uses only natural tannins and has no negative environmental impact. We also avoid single-use plastics and reserve materials like paper as best we can in our packaging and wherever possible.”

“I am a huge sucker for some well-thought out packaging. While I did not have a huge budget for packaging when I started my business, I understood the value of putting some thought into this aspect of my handmade business. I don’t take myself too seriously and I believe art and my products, should evoke a playful, colorful vibe.”

“I create prints and patterns for a living! I have always thought it would be exciting to incorporate my own artwork into my packaging - and now I can! Hands have always played a part in my overall branding and while my custom tissue paper doesn't have my logo on it, I feel like its distinguishable in a subtle way because of the quirky hands that I often incorporate in my packaging.”

“As a surface print designer, I always seek different ways to add pattern and color to my branding. I love all the subtle ways you can customize packaging without just using your logo. I love that you can quickly upload a design and add that playful touch. I’ve always been drawn to thoughtful packaging and I feel it’s so important and can bring value to your brand even if it’s just done in the most simple ways.”

When people unwrap their orders - I want them to have an emotional connection to my brand. I use custom noissue tissue paper, hand paint my mailers, and throw in some confetti to incorporate color and a playful nature in each part of the experience!”