There's a misconception that if it's sustainable, it's expensive. Good thing, more and more brands are making sustainable products available, accessible, and affordable for everyone. One of those is our featured brand today.

Louve Naturals is a woman-owned sustainable, low waste, all natural self care product line. Saranda, the founder, talks about how she built an eco-friendly brand that draws inspiration from wolves.

In Saranda's own words:

"My name is Saranda. I am based in Duluth, Minnesota. I believe sustainable products should be as affordable as possible so that a sustainable lifestyle can be inclusive. Taking care of our Earth runs deep in my blood, and lead me to attain a degree in Wildlife Biology, which is what sparked my love for wolves. Louve in French means'she-wolf."

"I started Louve Naturals because I was always on the hunt for an affordable, sustainable, and all-natural option for everyday products and self-care products. I started a journey of searching for ways to become more plastic-free throughout my lifestyle. One day it just clicked in my head that I could make these products and help other people on their journeys, too.

My vision is to reach as many people as possible to show that you CAN choose sustainable options. I think a lot of people believe they cannot choose sustainable options because it is more expensive. Therefore, I do my best to keep my products affordable while being sustainable, all-natural, and eco-friendly."

"If you're starting a business, I advice you to truly believe in yourself fully! Trust in yourself and your business... and then leap! There are hardships but hearing people's feedback and their love for Louve Natural products keep me moving forward. I was always so worried my products wouldn't be "good" enough and that people wouldn't like them... and it's the opposite!"

"I have a degree in Wildlife Biology, and for years I researched wolves. I grew up camping and visiting the International Wolf Center with my dad. The environment has always been my teacher, my home, and I have always been drawn towards protecting it. My entire business model is centered around being low waste and sustainable. For every single factor of my business, I have dissected and made sure that I am as low waste as possible."

"I am very transparent with my customers about how I package orders, where my labels come from and how they are sustainable, and the measures I take to be eco-friendly. My shipping boxes are recycled, my shipping labels are zero-waste and recyclable, my shipping fillers are recycled kraft paper, which is naturally biodegradable. I am always learning more and growing to make sure every aspect of my business does the least amount of environmental damage as possible

I chose to go with noissue stickers for my product labels due to the ease of design and the sustainability factor and because of the ease of personal design and the customer service has always been stellar. I like how much control I have over designing my labels through noissue. I currently have noissue labels and a custom stamp. Eventually, I would love to have more products from noissue."

"Transitioning your life to be more sustainable does not have to be "perfect." There are some instances that you just cannot avoid plastic. Push on and do your best to live a sustainable life despite the imperfections. Stick to what is true and authentic for you."

Louve Naturals Fun Fact:

"If my brand were an animal, it would be a wolf, because "Louve" means she-wolf in French."

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