My business got started when I did some calligraphy pieces for my own wedding back in 2015. I’ve always been a very creative person who loves art and drawing, so the concept for MMC grew in the months following that. I was fascinated by the whole process and taught myself initially through YouTube tutorials, then making myself an Instagram page which led to requests for calligraphy work.

To be honest, I never initially thought of it as a business - I just really wanted to learn the craft. It's grown over the course of the last few years to the point where it allows me to work full time! We have clients from all over the world working with us, and it’s always such an honor to work with people on their stationery for their special day!

I feel very inspired by different cities and parts of the world, specifically places with old architecture and a lot of warmth and history! I also love vintage treasures - trinkets, paintings, old spools, books and inkwells - I love that they all have a story to tell and love the handmade nature and quality of them. I think in a sense this is how I want my pieces to feel; full of love, investment and crafted to the highest quality. My brand is really just an extension of my own personal taste, so my overall style never feels forced. I try to be true to myself, and to go with my gut on things to do with my own brand.

Packaging has always been one of my favorite parts of the job! I want my clients to open their Invitation parcels and feel as though they are opening a gift. I adore my custom tissue paper - another way to personalize the experience for my clients! It’s a subtle, thoughtful addition to my packaging.