What’s more fun than shopping for your kids? It's knowing you don't have to settle for the same old, same mold of clothing in the typical monochromatic palettes that saturate today’s market. Two moms from LA, with adorable kids of their own, found this a problem that needed solving ASAP. Every kid deserves to look and feel their best in the colors that they shine the most in, right? That’s why they created Milk Teeth.

Catherine Newell-Hanson and Rebecca Calavan, two mothers and former fashion executives, co-founded Milk Teeth in September 2021. Their mission was to create a one-stop shop for parents to buy wardrobe pieces that best represent their kids' joyful and colorful personalities and give them an opportunity to look stylish at a young age. It’s never too early!

Catherine Newell-Hanson and Rebecca Calavan, co-founders of Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth, other than their own clothing and accessories line, also houses a variety of kids’ brands. So not only do their customers have a wide range of designs, styles, and aesthetics to choose from, it makes dressing their kids up even more fun. And what better way to wrap it all up and deliver their products in style than using sustainable, branded packaging? Find out Milk Teeth’s noissue packaging essentials and more only here!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

Milk Teeth is an online destination for joyful kids’ clothes and accessories, full of thoughtfully chosen products for ages 0-10 that are both cool and wearable.

Milk Teeth Pop-up Store in Los Angeles, California

Started by two stylist moms in L.A., we aim to modernize kids’ products by surfacing new brands from around the world and utilizing artist-designed prints in our own in-house collection.

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

We wanted to have packaging with as much personality as the kids’ clothes and accessories we offer. We want our customer experience to be as delightful as possible, and that extends to both the care we take when packing orders, and the packaging itself.

The water-activated tape is made from paper, making it easier for recycling boxes and our signature fruit tissue paper doubles as a coloring page. Our poly mailers feature the strawberry print from our best selling cardigan.

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

We loved how easy everything was to customize and that we could get everything we needed—from die-cut logo stickers to custom-printed mailers—in one place.