Custom Tissue by For Days in partnership with noissue.

It’s a new year, and you know what that means – a fresh start! Or, more specifically, an eco-friendlier one.

This month is a popular time to make resolutions, like becoming more sustainable, to achieve through this fresh start! But setting sustainability goals doesn’t have to be complicated. Everyone has to begin somewhere, whether you’re trying to improve your habits or inspire your business to be kinder to the environment.

2022 shows promise as the year for sustainability to become a priority instead of an option for individuals and companies alike. Throughout last year and into the present, valuing sustainability has been steadily rising among shoppers without any signs of slowing down online or in-person. According to a Dynata sustainability study, 4 in 5 consumers plan to continue taking action on a more intentional lifestyle in their “new normal.”

That’s one of the reasons why sustainable apparel brand For Days and noissue have come together to create beginner-friendly #SustainabilityStarterKit, for anyone who needs an extra hand in taking that first earth-friendly step! A curated collection of conscious products from brands that share For Days and noissue’s philosophy of circularity comes in custom branded packaging sure to set folks onto the right path toward a more thoughtful future.

The For Days #SustainabilityStarterKit features custom sustainable packaging – like their branded noissue packaging Tape, which recipients can fully compost after opening their package!

For Days’ #SustainabilityStarterKit was born out of the brand’s goal of making an eco-friendly lifestyle much more approachable. They produce 100% recyclable clothing and accessories in a zero-waste system that aims to end the fashion industry's harmful cycle of clothing waste. So, it’s no surprise that these starter kits were a conscious concept that came to life with the help of other brands and noissue’s packaging!

“The inspiration behind the #SustainabilityStarterKits came from the desire to provide accessible, sustainable options for common everyday products,” says Reagan Marelle Begley, Social Media & Community Manager. Inside one of these handy and helpful kits, you’ll find products that add some consciousness to your day-to-day, like a zero-waste razor or a pouch made from 100% recycled billboards for bits and bobs from other like-minded brands.

Through the #SustainabilityStarterKit, people can start to make small yet powerful changes to their everyday routine, redefining the norm to be more intentional and leave less impact on the planet.

Protecting the inside of every #SustainabilityStarterKit is a custom noissue Tissue newsletter, full of insightful product information and more about each brand.

When it came down to who would be starring in the #SustainabilityStarterKit, For Days included other brands that share the same vision of a more thoughtful future, like Leaf Shave, Full Circle, Raw Sugar Living, Rareform, SOKO, Cariuma, Poppi, Hargan Denim, and EcoTools! The products from these brands were intentionally chosen for their utility and uniqueness alongside being high-quality and eco-friendly, which For Days feels don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Begley says about the brands you can find in the kits, “They all have the same initiative that we do at For Days and provide a sustainable option.”

“Even though the ideal option would be no packaging at all, we still need packaging for products to be shipped. Noissue provides alternative packaging to make that possible,” Begley adds. Custom branded packaging doesn’t have to be all brown and boring – and For Days checked the creative box and then some with their one-of-a-kind Tissue paper design! In every starter kit, customized noissue Tissue doubles as a pretty package filler and an informational newsletter about the brands and products featured inside.

Opening a #SustainabilityStarterKit will bring a smile to your face, just For Days’ logo that appears on a custom noissue compostable Sticker! Unwrap the custom noissue Tissue newsletter for a read to find out more about the brands and earth-friendly swaps found inside.

And, sealing products together for a surprise you can’t help but want to unwrap immediately is a custom, compostable paper Sticker of For Days’ signature logo. Talk about the compostable cherry on top of a superb starter kit!

For Days wanted to ensure that every #SustainabilityStarterKit is as kind to the earth as possible, even down to the final step of proper disposal – that way, nothing is left behind that would harm the environment. Outside of the box, the brand’s custom packaging Tape is also 100% compostable, so recipients don’t have to worry about peeling anything off before composting the starter kit’s custom-branded packaging. It’s all positives with each starter kit, as that feeling of leaving little to no impact on the planet is irreplaceable!

The For Days #SustainabilityStarterKit arrives at your doorstep as anything but bare with custom noissue Tape! And since the packaging tape is water-activated, it’s 100% non-toxic and can be easily composted.

All the components that make up the #SustainabilityStarterKit are intended to serve beyond a single-time use or be easily disposed of without harming the planet. And that includes For Days’ branding that stands out on the packaging materials! They customized the kits to be simple yet effective without losing any sense of surprise or spirit.

An overarching story of conscious choice is woven into the noissue packaging that protects and perfects the products inside these starter kits. Full of helpful information, the Tissue paper is both decorative and easy to reference at any point of one’s sustainability journey. Their compostable, water-activated packaging Tape that seals the deal outside has #SustainabilityStarterKit front-and-center. So when it arrives, recipients know exactly what to expect!

And at the end of an impressive and intentional unboxing experience, recipients can reuse their boxes and Tissue newsletter, or simply compost the packaging, so nothing ends up in landfills.

We spy with our conscious eyes a stellar and sustainable For Days delivery, powered by custom and compostable noissue Tape, Stickers, and Tissue!

Altogether, the starter kits are a wholesome win-win for both people and the planet, and For Days nailed it on putting together a package that wows without leaving a negative impact. A well-designed package that’s full of greener gems, For Days and their #SustainabilityStarterKit is a leading example in encouraging anyone to make the eco-friendly switch – starting right now!

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