When it comes to self-care, you don’t have to cut corners in going after what you think is best for you; you just have to go for it. And that goes for any type of self-care routine you may want to indulge in, like skin care. If you think that what your skin needs are products formulated with all natural ingredients, made cruelty-free, and backed by science, then Origenere might pique your interest.

Meet Origenere, a skin and hair care brand based in Beverly Hills, California, and proudly made in Tuscany, Italy. The brand was founded by a trio of renowned and accomplished medical experts in 2003 on the premise of creating products that reflect “the best of medical science artfully combined with the best of nature” without shortcuts—like using nasty and harmful chemicals that are commonly found in most products.

Origenere’s commitment to sustainability is not limited to their dedication to only using responsibly sourced all-natural botanical ingredients for all of their products; it also extends to their packaging. In order to achieve that, they partnered with noissue to create a packaging suite that not only reflects the brand’s primary aesthetic values but also their care for the environment. To learn more about Origenere’s history and noissue packaging essentials, just continue reading!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

Origenere isn't just a brand; it's a labor of love that started in 2008 when several hair and skincare physicians in Beverly Hills came together with a common goal.

Our legendary founders, Dr. Antonio Armani, Dr. Sara Armani and Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi wanted to create something unique that would genuinely make a difference in people's lives. Their dedication to crafting effective, natural hair and skin care products for discerning patients set the stage for Origenere's ethos today.

Dr. Kristen Rogers, the current CEO of Origenere

As time passed, we faced a turning point. With the passing of our iconic founders, it was up to us to carry their legacy forward. That's when our current CEO and physician, Dr. Kristen Rogers, and our creative director, Marco, stepped in. Together, we took on the challenge of preserving the old products while also introducing new ones. We embarked on a journey to revamp our brand, modernize our website, and develop a fresh marketing strategy.

Origenere’s Creative Director, Marco (left), and Art Director, Adrian (right)

As we navigated this transformation, we were joined by Adrian, our Art Director who brought life to our brand through stunning websites and social media visuals. And then there's Dr. Charit, a dedicated Ph.D. researcher who has been a part of the Origenere family for over a decade. His unwavering enthusiasm for the science behind our products keeps us inspired.

In keeping with our founder's spirit of self-reliance, we turned to our circle of friends and family for guidance. When showcasing our products, we featured our friends who use and love our products instead of professional models. We take pride in the fact that we're connected to everyone who represents our brand. Just like healthy hair and skin, their inner beauty shines through.

With the support of these incredible individuals and friends who believed in our mission, we relaunched Origenere. Our goal was clear: to honor the founders’ legacy in a meaningful and modern way. Today, we're proud to stand as a brand rooted in passion, expertise, and a deep commitment to quality.

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

Origenere’s custom tissue paper, custom packing tape, and custom stickers

noissue's packaging has been an integral part of our rebranding process including decreasing our carbon footprint and integrating a colorful nod to our Italian roots.

As part of our rebranding, we looked at classic and modern Italian graphic design. We wanted to intertwine the classic glamor of Beverly Hills with bold, modern and sleek Italian design elements. noissue's custom choices allowed us to craft our new look that is approachable and elegant, but still fun.

Their Buongiorno collection design deck

Marco's artistic eye designs sleek, sophisticated packaging that respects Origenere's beginnings while incorporating meaningful colors. For example, as a nod to late founder Dr. B's love for the Lakers, our Buongiorno product line features yellow for vitality and our upcoming line will have purple for metamorphosis. Custom options from noissue allowed Origenere to bring this creative vision to life sustainably.

Origenere’s custom multi-design sticker sheets and custom roll labels

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

With core values of caring for people and the planet, Origenere proudly uses materials that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Dedication to sustainability made noissue's eco-friendly, customizable packaging solutions a natural fit to help extend Origenere's mission.