We’re Cathy and Olivia, two gals who love to make pretty things out of paper. We met while working at a paper retailer, where we discovered our mutual love and passion for paper. While working there, it was then that we realized the world needed more custom paper crafts with heart and humor, and we were ready to create them! Basically, friends who create together, stay together!

We gather inspiration from various artists and designers, the most notable being Anna Rifle Bond of Rifle Paper Co, and Jen Gotch of the Ban.do lifestyle brand. Anna Rifle Bond has the midas touch when it comes to mixing florals, textures and colors together, whilst Jen Gotch provides honesty, quirkiness and fun in every product she brings to life.

When inspiration hits, our minds get a little too excited! We’re always eager to throw an idea into motion, but we force ourselves to take a step back and ask how we can refine it. We joke about how we’re our own biggest fans, but it’s true. At the end of the day, we want to buy each and every one of our own products. The reason being is that we make things that we like, and we know that if our passion and excitement is portrayed through each and every Paper View product, it’s likely others might dig it too.

It only makes sense that a paper company has custom tissue paper! We chose noissue because the process was effortless, the options are generous and the pricing is great. Since we began using our custom noissue tissue paper, we’ve consistently demonstrated our brand’s imagery from our product to its personalized packaging. When you open a package from us, there’s no mistaking that your product has been handmade, packaged and sent by the team at Paper View.