There are three things that you should consider when purchasing skincare products aside from the brand and the price point. Ask yourself: Is it appropriate for your skin? Is it beneficial to your health? Will it do good to the environment?

A surge of skincare lines have broadened enthusiasts' spectrum of options, but only a handful of brands have all three questions answered YES.

Pretty Kind London has a checkmark on all three – with their organic, eco-friendly skincare and pigments, you'd want to stock up on all their items! Mutia, the founder of the brand, started small with only a few products in her collection but getting to know this label, you'll agree that they have a lot more to offer!

Get to know more of Pretty Kind London in their founder's own words:

"My name is Mutia Ademola and I'm based in London. I own an eco beauty brand that has a range of skincare products like soaps and body butters. And for the eco babes who like a little extra glam, I also sell bio glitters and pigment from an ethical distributor."

"I started my business in 2016 as a mobile beauty service and only had two body butters in my collection. I initially sold my body butters to my mobile beauty clients. The products received great feedback and sold quite well. I always planned to expand my range. Finally during the lockdown this year, when I had some spare time, I decided to make 'Pretty Kind London' a brand and offer mobile beauty services under my own name.

Initially, I wanted so many products in my brand. As I wanted it to reflect that eco friendly beauty is broad, and does not just have to be encompassed in oils and soaps. You can be into eco beauty and embrace whoever you are, whether you like glitter cut-crease or a fresh face. I decided to start with two cosmetic products and two types of skincare items. As I mentioned, cosmetics being bio glitter and pigment. And the skincare being soap and body butter."

"What's important in my business is fair trade, being eco-friendly, and inclusive branding. Shea butter is something that I can luckily sometimes get directly from the source. When my mum goes to Africa she helps me buy Shea butter and I am happy to pay around what I would pay in UK. My products come in returnable and reusable jars.

I recently wrote a blog on Mica powder and how it is linked to child labour. And although my distributor reassures people it is ethically sourced, I would like to work on having direct contact with people at the source of distribution.
I make sure my brand is marketed as a brand that can be used by all races – something I was stubborn about sticking to as I feel it is important for brands to reflect our multi-cultured yet connected society.

Every detail of my business is important to me. Because my vision is to have a completely ethical business, to contribute to a better world for everyone."

"I came up with the name based on what kind of world/city I would like to live in. And of course London is where my business is based. My business actually grew into its name. At first it was about being kind and helping people feel pretty. Then it evolved into being kind and helping the world stay pretty, I love telling that story."

"My best sellers are all 3 of my body butters and the bio glitter. The Rose Pp Shea wash/soap is also very popular.

I have a huge vision but would have gotten nowhere if I were not willing to start small first. As it would have been difficult or impossible to do it all alone with only my own money. I've come a long way, from having two body butters, but I've got a lot further to go.

Learn how to rest in between your hard work so you do not lose motivation or become overwhelmed. Make your work reflect what you love, like all of my glitters are named after my friends and family, apart from my brand reflecting how much I love the environment."

"My brand as returnable packaging, and I constantly think about the impact my ideas have in the world. I think if you have an idea that is not sustainable, it's not a good idea. I hope to live in a world where ideas are not only a good source of income, but can also be good all round."

"The bio glitter and body butter jars are all recyclable materials and returnable and reusable packaging. I like to encourage quality consumerism, buy well and buy less. Each purchase should be seen a valuable gift to yourself or someone else. So I gift wrap all the orders and people love it!

I chose noissue because their prices were fair and it just made sense.

My design process took me years and was just a natural transition. I used to sell the body butters in a jam jar. Then I discovered the perfect aluminum jars that represent each type of body butter; gold for the gold shimmery one, white for the plain one, and pink for the rose one, and the bamboo and aluminum jar for pigment, all gave my brand a whole new vibe. I love it! Its all bamboo, aluminum and glass which are perfect!"

"One thing I wanna say: be kind to yourself, each other and the planet."

Pretty Kind London Fun Fact:
"If I were given one superpower that can help better the situation of the planet, I want to become super fair and cooperative, so that as a business, I can use it to create more fun smiles."

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