"Hi, I’m Rachael, I live in Colorado in a smallish town in the heart of the Rocky Mountains with my dog Marti (he’s the sweetest most lovable pup there ever was). I started RB Illustration Studio because I love to create and illustrate, and I wanted to share that love and passion with any and everyone. I hope my little shop keeps bringing beauty, fun and joy to my customers, and that I can expand my products and work portfolio to include children’s books, homeware, and stationary galore.”

“I illustrate and make my products, so my criteria is simple: Do I love it and would I hang it up, or use it? If yes, then I want to share it with others. Now my illustrations are on the packaging as well as in, and it feels even more special shipping my work out to people.”

“I really care about the environment and all the creatures in it, and I do my best to help where I can and make a difference for the future because I want us all to have a future. I live in the mountains, I am surrounded by nature, it inspires and comforts me and being in a world without it isn’t a world I want to be in. So, having products that can be reused or recycled is crucial. I try to reuse what I can and make things work. I was thrilled when I found out noissue planted a tree when I made my purchase - it made me feel better about buying!”

“My creative process was pretty simple. I drew a flower I liked and thought, hey, I should make something out of this. I started at first creating a pattern, and then I saw noissue on Instagram and fell in love with the idea of making a custom tissue paper for my shop using the pattern. Then I just modified the pattern to include some branding elements, which meant including a drawing of my dog Marti, he’s my mascot. Then I thought about color. Usually, people do this earlier in the process… but, not me. I wanted the color to convey calm, joy and hope; blue and yellow just felt like those things.“

“I try to make my packaging process as simple as possible. First off I collect all the goods and then make a nice little stack, decide if it will all be wrapped together or have a few things separate. Once that’s figure out I think about how I want to wrap it so everything looks cared for and done with love and my Marti dog is visible. I pretty much wrap things like I would a Christmas present, I fuss over it a bit. Lastly, I add a little embellishment, or tie it with string and include a little sticker of thanks, I keep it fairly simple because the tissue paper is the first thing I want them to swoon over and then open it and see more goodies inside.”

“I chose noissue because it was affordable, sustainable and customizable. I’ll be using them again because their customer support is excellent, and they are thoughtful and caring. Plus, the product is BEAUTIFUL! They did such a good job on it, beyond my expectations, I never thought I’d be so enthusiastic about tissue paper, but it makes everything I send out feels so much more special, and I’m proud of how it looks and makes my shop look.”