Custom noissue Compostable Tissue by @brackenoaksfarm

A new season is slowly approaching in the northern hemisphere, and so is one thing: spring cleaning! This is the perfect time to give your brand’s soap packaging a fresh, new look. 🧼

While soap might be a straightforward product, it doesn't mean that its packaging has to be plain. You want to make your brand’s unboxing experience memorable for your customers, after all. And your soap products deserve unique, branded packaging that will provide customers with the star treatment!

Custom noissue Compostable Tissue Wrapping Paper by @mimorivivi

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with soap packaging ideas to scrub away the old winter blues. Say hello to some soap-wrapping paper ideas and packaging sets for building your brand up and shining on in the spring! From chic and minimal aesthetics to the artsy and awesome, you’ll find some superb soap packaging ideas that are both stylish and sustainable.

💡Inspiration Station

These six noissue customers transform their squeaky clean goodness into standout surprises through creative, luxurious, and eco-friendly soap packaging ideas! Take a look at how they present their products in packaging made from better materials, and get your creativity flowing for your bestselling sudsy buds.

1. Tack on packaging Tape that will get customers talking

If a recycled shipping box or poly mailer is the very first thing your customers see, try jazzing up the exterior with branded packaging tape! That way, you can leave your mark and make your package immediately recognizable among the sea of standard brown. Adding a visual element to your tape, like a logo or unique design, will help customers identify your branding and look forward to the unboxing experience even more.

Skincare brand Shira.Body does this well with their noissue Kraft Water-Activated Tape to complement their natural aesthetic. The custom paper tape sports Shira.Body’s lovely logo and website information for customers to check out!

2. Surround products in a chic packaging set made from circular materials

Custom noissue Compostable Tissue Paper, Paper Stickers, and Packaging Tape by @lilasudssoap

A self-care package that looks sophisticated right out of the delivery truck? Sign us up! Custom-printed packaging tape goes well with eco-friendly tissue paper and a slogan sticker for customers to remember an unbeatable unboxing experience.

See how Lila Suds Soap does it through their signature brand color story in a matching packaging set that soothes customers right as they open their order. Keep up a consistent brand presence through complementary packaging components and watch as customers get blown away by your stunning set!

3. Tell all about your brand with Tissue Paper as soap wrapping

Custom noissue Eco-Friendly Tissue Paper by @chalkevalleysoaps

Branded tissue paper that features your logo is a classy and chic way to wrap your bar soaps and bath bombs! You can create a cool layered effect with lightweight tissue – just like Chalke Valley Soaps does with their soap wrapping paper! Their logo pops as a repeating pattern on crisp white tissue paper, enveloping customers in a cozy, branded unboxing experience.

noissue Tissue is available in two different weights (17gsm and 28gsm). Print your logo in one color as a pattern on lighter tissue paper to get that semi-transparent look. It’ll give customers a slight sneak peek of their product without skipping out on style!

4. Stamp your seal of approval right onto your soap wrapping paper

Custom noissue Reusable Stamp by @rawbatchsoap

A sustainable stamp is your brand's best friend for simplistic packaging that’s far from plain and boring! Stamp your logo or artwork on the front of soap wrapping paper and call attention to your product when your package is opened. A large logo on clean kraft paper proudly announces to your customer that the newest daily driver for their personal care routine has arrived!

Raw Batch Soap never goes without stamping their zen-inspired logo on their bar soap packaging. And since noissue Stamps come with eco-friendly inks, customers don’t have to worry about harming the environment when disposing of their soap packaging!

5. Let your logo simply shine on a sustainable logo Sticker

Custom noissue Paper Logo Stickers, Branded Cards, Compostable Mailer, and Recycled Mailer by @yt_soap_co

Beautiful branding doesn’t only cover what’s inside your package. Finishing touches that go on the outside of your box or mailer, like stickers, increases customers’ excitement to interact with your product and brand! Compostable paper stickers that showcase your business’s logo, slogan, social media information, or even a QR code can be placed anywhere on your packaging and seal your soap wrapping paper closed for safe shipping. YT Soap Co.’s stickers are a sleek solution that elevates an earth-friendly package in one simple step!

6. Drum up the luxury with Drawstring Bags as soap packaging

Custom Cotton Drawstring Bags by

Who says that soap packaging can’t be ultra-luxurious? After all, your soap is the ultimate companion for sudsy self-care! To make a splash on your customers, use cotton drawstring bags that display your logo or a slogan to encourage a well-deserved soak! Good things come in packaging that also does its part in being easier on the earth.

Jen Noir draws up delight in 100% GOTS-certified cloth drawstring bags that hold artisanal soap creations for everyday use – because celebrating yourself is a special occasion! Their logo drawstring bags are also great for reuse to store precious items or soap pieces for travel, too. Trust us; customers will be obsessed with reusable packaging that maximizes value!

🎁 Wrapping it up

We hope these soap packaging ideas inspire you to uplevel your packaging for a shopping experience customers won’t forget! Consistent branding and thoughtful packaging materials go hand-in-hand to make recipients feel extra special and excited to continue shopping from your business. Tick all the TLC boxes and make your soap products the star of your customer’s shower or bath!

Keen to kick up the creativity on your brand’s custom packaging? Create conscious packaging and shipping products for skincare and beauty brands! Use our easy online-editing platform to turn your logo into a pattern and design eye-catching, custom packaging that's made from better materials. Make a great first impression with an unboxing experience unlike any other that’s unique to your branding!