One can’t deny that cookies have a huge fan base around the world. 🍪 What with its range of flavors from the classic chocolate chip to a countless unique variations from country to country, how can one resist?

Its ability to be flexible enough to be customized in endless possibilities is one of the many reasons why it’s so iconic, another could be that it can be enjoyable hot and cold, while remaining fresh. And to help maintain that, you’ll need some quality-made packaging, too. 👌

We brought you with some of noissue’s brand partners—from bakeries to cafes—and all about their packaging picks from our catalog. Get inspired and read on!

Librae Bakery

NYC’s Librae Bakery showcases their East-inspired specialty pastries and cookies in a range of personalized, sustainable packaging from bags to boxes—a feast for the eyes and taste buds!

Double Dutch Bakery

Everybody knows that coffee and pastries go hand in hand. The same goes for Double Dutch Bakery’s delicious baked goods paired with their on-brand, compostable food-safe paper.


Looking for something to brighten up your day? Moustache's quality-made, delicious cookies in their lemon-yellow and kraft cookie boxes will definitely level up your day from 0 to 10!

Brooki Bakehouse

We also have Fortitude Valley’s cult-favorite cookie shop, Brooki Bakehouse! With their pink and burgundy color combo on their packaging, they sure are irresistible, even from miles away!

Flour Flower

Nothing says cozy quite like a bakery far from the city, just like Flour Flower Bakery, and that coziness extends to their heavenly selection of pastries and uses custom food paper to make them shine even more.

Mindy’s Bakery

Mindy’s Bakery, a haven for artisanal and classic baked goods, feels just like home. Each of their pastries is made, baked, and sealed fresh with love, quality, and sustainability in mind—using recyclable roll labels.

Oh La La

Nothing says, “Oh la la!” more than a place that has it all—specialty coffee, freshly baked goods, and gourmet meals, all served up in branded, eco-friendly packaging—just like Pasadena’s OH LA LA!


You can never go wrong with Lublu Bakery’s selection of classic and unique macaron flavors, all wrapped up in their signature lavender food safe paper!

For more sustainable options and alternatives to your bakery or cafe needs, check out our collection here!