It's tiring, isn't it, to have a body that works round the clock that isn't indestructible? You have to admit quick patch-ups don't always do the trick, after all, your body is an ecosystem of goodness—you're not a machine and we're not here for a temporary fix; tightening screws or refilling oils. To keep your body working, you have to invest on it and take care of it the best way you can, and it's not just through addressing parts where you find issues.

Bodywork is a type of therapy that addresses problems in your muscles, connective tissues, and overall posture so you can do things every day without feeling held captive by your body's inhibitions.

Kacey, a licensed massager and therapist, knows this down to her core (no pun intended!) She's the founder of Bodywork Collective, a small business that encompasses her private bodywork practice, educational resources for self bodywork modalities, and also products and tools—packed in the cutest sustainable packaging—to optimize all these.

The Bodywork Collective noissue tissue and stickers

The Bodywork Collective was created from the necessity of maintaining the body outside of therapy sessions with a bodyworker. Kacey, realized that practicing bodywork with her clients created short term change, but she knows that long-lasting changes come from balancing the body daily through consistent self-care practices.

The Bodywork Collective is a platform for all these things for you to reach that change; to create and sustain optimal body alignment.

Kacey started the BC as she wanted to work for herself, make her own schedule and own rules, and of course, be the change she wants to see within the massage and bodywork world. And she is here for the long run! Aside from seeing long term changes in her initiative for self-care, Kacey also believes in sustainability and giving back to planet. And because of this, the BC only supports companies and brands that also have the same values, are local and women-owned small businesses, and use organic materials in their products.

This was also the very reason why she chose noissue for her packaging!

"Past generations have consumed so many resources that we MUST make the change now to reverse the damage done to our planet. It's hard to be perfect, but choosing companies and personal practices that lower your carbon footprint IS important and CAN make a difference."

As a member of the noissue's Eco-Alliance and believing in the 'domino effect', 'paying it forward', 'karma', and 'small acts of kindness accumulating into something powerful', the founder chose to use sustainable packaging—that's also awesome and cool and custom branded—to share with her clients and customers in the hopes that they, too, will be inspired to make small changes in their lifestyle and commit to sustainability. She knows that using recyclable, compostable, reusable packaging with a company that gives back to the earth makes a huge difference.

"The ethos of my brand supports sustainability in business practices and I love that the Eco-Alliance embodies that same ethos."

For products she offers, she chooses only organic products from sustainable companies, and choose to not support those that do not take this into consideration. This goes for her lotions, essential oils, herbs, massage tools, and etc. Pricing is a challenge because she chooses higher quality products and brands to promote and represent, and it can be hard for people to understand why prices are higher. But she creates awareness by making sure to highlight the sustainability aspect of the business and the products so customers know it’s important to look for in other things they are purchasing.

Kacey doesn't focus on surface-level things, as mentioned, she also teaches people how to care for their bodies, muscles, fascia, breath, energy which leads to empowerment. Above all, she believes in community over competition. According to the body expert, teaching others, in the hopes that they teach as well, fosters the idea of a better community. What she's doing to educate people on their optimal form (mind, body, and spirit) and what noissue is doing with helping others practice sustainability and lowering their environmental footprint, shows that they're not just thinking about themselves and what they have today, but also what happens tomorrow, and what help they can give future generations.

The Bodywork Collective founder shares that she also makes her own essential oil roll-ons from organic and sustainable oils, and mentioned it's been rewarding to have customers come back saying her products helped them sleep better or take away headaches + loved her packaging!

With Kacey's admirable independence and big heart for people and the environment, we know that there's nothing this woman can't do! Her tip for other bodywork enthusiasts is to stick to their vision and mission. "Adapting is great but don’t get lost in making money and doing what other people think is best. YOU’RE the one who had the passion to start this business, so don’t ask others what to do. You know!"

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Instagram: @the.bodywork.collective

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