Did you know that cookies have superpowers? Just saying the word can make mouths water, ears prick up, and tummies rumble.

For Emmanuel (or Em for short), baked goods that started as a simple family recipe, have now transformed into a successful business. Now that’s power!

Based in Muntinlupa, in the South of Metro Manila, Philippines, Emmanuel started The Good Batch back in August 2019 with his mom and house helper Cathy. A homemade cookie recipe from one loving mother to her sugar-addicted children steadily gained massive popularity when shared amongst family, friends, and neighbours.

The humble Nutella Sea Salt cookie (just yum!) was such a full-on smash hit in the local area that Emmanuel decided it was time to spread the love even further. “Putting time and effort into making something out of her cookies was not something my Mom could really do. Because of this, I saw the opportunity to make a business and share my family’s favorite cookies with more people.”

Seeing opportunity in his mother’s scrumptious creation, The Good Batch started to gain traction and now continues to expand and improve. Aside from it being a business opportunity for Emmanuel, it also serves as an opportunity for their house helper Cathy to bring home some extra (cookie) dough too.

With the business growing in profit and popularity, Emmanuel realised that thought needed to go into how to take the business further. Two of their key goals was to improve their branding and the sustainability of their products – and that’s where noissue food-safe paper came in to help!

Greaseproof and customizable with logos or branding, noissue Foodsafe paper is printed on FSC-certified paper, with water-based food-safe inks, and is fully compostable. Instantly ticking off both The Good Batch’s key goals in one product!

Great for lining their crumbly cookies, the design of The Good Batch’s food-safe paper revolves around their campaign “Life is a Good B*tch.” The crisp blue color of their paper includes branded messaging that helps to push Emmanuel’s mission of motivating others to focus on the important things around them: “Our goal through the campaign is to encourage people to appreciate life, not just in a personal way, but in a shared way with all life around us.”

Appearance is hugely important to The Good Batch as they are aware of how good branding kick-starts a customer’s overall experience with their business. Emmanuel says that keeping that unboxing experience unique helps shape his brand and enhances their customers’ overall interaction with their products.

We can’t help but agree. Here at noissue, we make sure great customizable branding and sustainable packaging go together like milk and cookies.

Starting when he was a high school student, Emmanuel is now in college and tries to balance studies with running a successful business. What a tough cookie!

Making space in their lives for The Good Batch is the biggest challenge in terms of keeping afloat, especially considering Em, his mom, and Cathy all have other jobs or commitments. Emmanuel’s solution? Staying on top of efficiency and time management as we know without these pillars, any business could crumb-le.

A final piece of advice for other food enthusiasts dreaming of starting their own brand? Simply to trust in their product. “The most important thing about starting your business is the belief in your product and the dedication to both consistently improve it [and] encourage other people to share in the experience you are creating for them.”

The Good Batch MNL fun fact:

The name Good Batch was decided on a whim when Em was looking for something catchy. “The Good Batch just ticked all our boxes, it was catchy, easy to remember, simple, and through it, we started branding ourselves as a cookie business that made sure every batch was indeed a Good Batch.”

Find more of The Good Batch MNL here:
Instagram: @thegoodbatchmnl

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