We are both keen bibliophages, so thinking to start a project about illustrating books seemed like a standard idea. The Pattern Tales began out of a wish of ours: to keep the feelings that a story is able to create alive, even after the book finds its place back on the shelf.

The Pattern Tales is an artistic project in which original digital prints are created, to reproduce the sensory-rich immersive experience offered by classic works of literature. By choosing pattern and repetition as our narrative visual elements, our audience can discover a new storytelling experience. Every detail creates a complex visual rhythm and flow, that imitates words on a page. All our artworks are printed on archival paper using pigment-based inks. Each edition is limited, numbered and signed by the artist.

Wrapping and shipping our artworks is the last stage of our process, but the first our clients will experience about us and our brand. The custom tissue paper is a part of this experience. We value quality and we are obsessed by details: noissue and their product satisfied both.