We’ve all been there: You fall in love with a stunning new product online and click ‘Buy Now’. After patiently waiting for its delivery, you arrive home to a package on your doorstep. Removing the postbag, you’re left confused, disappointed even. This thing of beauty you’ve purchased is encased in woeful plain packaging. Is it the right product?

Packaging is more than just what holds your product. Well-executed product packaging portrays vital information to your customer about your brand. On the other hand, poorly presented product packaging can create confusion, and even result in consumers choosing a competitor over you. Paying attention to the little details can mean the difference between a good product and a great one.

When designing your packaging, consider what is already on the market, and will yours stand apart from your competitors? Packaging needs to be attractive, but also have a point of difference that will make it memorable to the consumer. Don’t forget that customers have pre-defined ideas about what certain design elements represent. Simply adjusting the colors, or even the packaging material, can transform a product from being perceived as “budget” to premium. Your packaging embodies you and your brand, so it needs to effectively communicate your image, and the product inside.

The importance of relevance can’t be overlooked. Studies show that consumers buy instinctively based on color, shape, and familiarity of location. Consider what a customer’s first thought will be when they have your packaging in their hands; Will they be able to understand what the brand stands for? And the value it will add to their life? A better overall experience with your product, means the chances of a repeat purchase are higher, and it all starts with your packaging.